More Than 75 Florida Doctors Stand Outside Hospital (Between Shifts) in Symbolic Protest of Covid Work Overload – IOTW Report

More Than 75 Florida Doctors Stand Outside Hospital (Between Shifts) in Symbolic Protest of Covid Work Overload

My headline is accurate.

But someone on Twitter posted this —>
BREAKING REPORT: More Than 75 Doctors WALK OUT OF SOUTH FLORIDA HOSPITAL Rather Than Treat the Unvaccinated…


Here are the twats on twitter reacting to what they thought was doctors refusing treatment for the unjabbed—

The Walking D@mario05– Replying to @ChuckCallestoDon’t hold it against them. Anti vaxxers don’t feel they need the vaccine or believe COVID is just a flu. So, just as they were unmasked and were up and about with no regard to public safety so they should not be treated in lieu of those that have been socially responsible.

Becca K@padme911
· Replying to @ChuckCallestoEnough is enough. As a nurse, I took an oath too but we can’t keep working in unsafe conditions

israel-jonathan Mbalabu III@MbalabuIii· You didn’t take an oath to die for reckless People…

And on and on it went, with people agreeing that doctors should let the unvaxxed die.

These are you fellow citizens.

I am blocked by Twitter right now for saying Joe Biden had a head made of wood (not kidding), so I can’t respond to these assholes. But I can here.

This would be a good place to start-
1) Delta has an Ro of about 8, about 3x that of the Alpha (ref- CDC). With these leaky vaccines, if we were to have 100% vaccine uptake and perfect mask use we cannot stop the spread of Delta (ref- CDC). 2) the current vaccines provide about 50-60% efficacy in protection from infection. They are not fully protective. 3) if you are vaccinated and become infected (“breakthrough”), the virus will replicate at the same or higher levels than if you were unvaccinated and then become infected. 4) if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of transmitting virus to someone else is quite high – remember, the Ro measures how likely you are to transmit the virus. 5) if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of developing severe disease or dying is better than if you were not vaccinated and then become infected with Delta. 6) Therefore, if you are vaccinated and then become infected, you MAY have a higher risk of becoming a “superspreader” because you are less likely to show disease. This has not been measured, but it should be.  – Robert W Malone, MD

I would like to ask these nitwits, if the hospitals become overwhelmed by people who took the jab, despite warnings, should doctors refuse to treat them? What if the doctor personally thought it was reckless and dumb to take an experimental shot? Can he pick and choose who he cares for?

Also, in regards to reckless people, do doctors turn away drug overdosers? How about people eating themselves to death? How about a daredevil? How about HIV patients that took it in the butt despite knowing the risks?

This is how easily brainwashed these stupid bastards are, becoming monsters at the drop of a hat because the tee vee told them some things. These are dangerous people, farrrrrrrrrrrr more dangerous than a person not taking an inadequately studied ineffectual “vaccine.”

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  1. Yeah, nice stunt there, “doctors” and ‘media’. Did they call the reporter up before they went outside, too?
    The newsrat did most of the talking and they found a skank that would trash other doctors who don’t believe in force vaccinating people.

    Bitches, you set the game rules, so prepare for the other team to play, too.

  2. Keep in mind, NOW they’re complaining. NOW. About possibly dying. LOL. They were okay with it all last year, though, before the fda “approval”.


  3. “You didn’t take an oath to die for reckless People…”

    …I got a chuckle out of THIS one. If this person only knew how many upside-down cars I’ve crawled into, how many flaming buildings I’ve cut roof holes in, how many drunk-and-drugged assed people I’ve been attacked by, how many diseases I’ve KNOWINGLY exposed myself to all so I could save TRULY reckless ass people from their own stupidly because I took an oath, perhaps they’d realize that things like “Duty” mean quite a BIT to people who are NOT them, but they may have no frame of reference because they’ve never been or known someone who wasn’t 100% about only THEMSELVES…

    …I’ve known many, MANY, medical professionals over the years. Most are more dedicated than I. Nurses ESPECIALLY too.

    But this may be beyond the comprehension of the selfish.

    …besides, if hospitals turned away people who injured themselves stupidly, they’d be very lonely and empty places indeed…

  4. I want NAMES, a list of the symbolic “protestors”, so I can boycott their sorry-assed medical offices.

  5. I seem to remember bammy got caught handing out lab coats to the crisis actors on the south lawn prior to telling us how good bammy-don’t-care was for us.

    My dad always use to say; people are dumber than anybody. The older I get, the smarter he was.

  6. If this “hospital” dismissed last year’s heroes because they wouldn’t get the jab, then I have no f*cks to give if you are a little overworked.

  7. Here’s a quarter…. go call someone who cares.

    I’m so sick and tired of the Goddamned melodrama I am at a loss for words to express the degree I am over this horseshit. I stopped by a store called Costco this morning and it’s back to fucking masks for one and all. What do I need a mask for? I’m there to purchase a few items, not rob the fucking place.

  8. I’m Vaxxed.. and I don’t care if your aren’t… My Body My Choice! And as far as I can see.. ITS THE FKING FLU! How many of them were PAID “Crisis” ACTORS!

  9. With medical mistakes being the third largest cause of death in the US, they’re probably doing the unvaxxd a favor.

  10. If after a year and a half you ain’t had the coof, you probably ain’t getting it.
    ‘Cause they said you’d die from it…

  11. I would not want to go to a hospital with 75 political doctors anyway. Especially political doctors who are also liars. Those who tell the truth will tell you it’s the vaxxed who are in the hospitals and many of them are not there for covid but because of the jab and then they list it as covid because they still get more money from the federal government for covid patients even if it’s through private insurance, the feds give them money.

    These doctors also are still murdering covid/flu/who knows what the hell it is, as they’ve never isolated the virus, by putting them on ventilators.

    For MissInMi,
    I asked at our local pharmacy and at a local clinic and they both said they get $40 from the government, they didn’t clarify if that’s for both doses or one. So we’re paying these so called vaccine companies for the so called vaccine and then we pay again for someone to jab someone. They sure as hell aren’t free.

  12. Edging for the door.. It’s starting to feel like June in Kabul. Happening slowly, until suddenly…

    You can’t reason with a mob, no matter how educated it is. Or maybe because of how educated it is.

    I may have made my last visit to the doctor in May. Not because I’m terminally ill, but because I feel fine and want to stay that way.

  13. I know this couple that the woman ran and got jabbed as soon as possible, the man has refused to be jabbed. He had a stint put in at the beginning of this covid shit. The past few months he’s had the same symptoms he had before the stint, trouble breathing, dizziness, etc.
    So they went in to see if the stint had failed and it had not and the could find nothing wrong with his heart. He already had lungs and everything else ruled out before they discovered the blockage.
    I told him needed to find a doctor that knows about vaccine shedding and knows what to look for, ticked her off, but oh well.

    Another couple, the wife got jabbed, the husband refused. For over a year he has went everywhere around all kinds of friends, family and strangers. Now he’s sick with covid like symptoms, but he is one that believes the jab is a death jab and also believes if he went to the doctor they’d kill him. He’s taking Ivermectin and blaming her for making him sick. The sad/bad part is she believes it as well and wishes she had listened to him and never got it.

  14. “Delta”

    Prove to me there are any variants of a virus you have no isolated example of.

    I’ll wait over here in the non – non-vaccine treated group.

    It’s not a vaccine. Why do we refer to as such?

    This is part of the problem we face. Language.

    My oldest son and his whole family all have this now that my DiL got the jab for work. She’s shedding and doesn’t realize she’s the spreader to her own family yet.

    If I lose my oldest son and his family to this, there will be a crystallization of intent to stop this insane attack on the U.S. and red-blooded families like mine.

    Don’t eff with the people that want to be left alone.You give us no other alternative than to take you out, with prejudice.

  15. You coulda done the same thing over SHITBAMAKARE, & it’d be on the ash heap of history TODAY!

    Thanks for NOTHING – SHITHEADS!!!! 😡

  16. That article is fake. They were not protesting they were only taking a break. The fake news that lied is fake news.

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