More than a million paid out in California state sex harassment suits, and Kamala Harris recalls nothing

AT: Kamala Harris, who’s running for president on a vehement #MeToo platform as a Democrat, sure has a lot of memory problems.

It’s not just the $400,000 the state had to shell out based on the disgusting sex harassment behavior of her top lieutenant, Larry Wallace, her handpicked director for the division of law enforcement at the state attorney general’s office, which is quite a whopper in itself.  It’s the $700,000 in more California taxpayer payout money for the sex-harassing activities of her other lieutenants.  The Los Angeles Times reports that it did a search of public records and found that the total payout tally was $1.1 million.  I am going to assume that includes the $400,000 payout from Harris’s wingman Wallace, although the report doesn’t say.  Here’s the L.A. Times opener:

The California Department of Justice paid more than $1.1 million to settle claims with employees who alleged they were sexually harassed or retaliated against by co-workers during the tenure of then-state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris from 2011 to 2017, according to documents obtained by The Times.

The cases, which were disclosed this week in response to a California Public Records Act request, come weeks after Harris launched her presidential bid, bringing new scrutiny to her record.  The incidents included allegations that DOJ employees sexually harassed and retaliated against co-workers, including claims involving inappropriate touching and cases in which workers felt uncomfortable with the comments and actions of others.

Harris says there were only 5,000 employees in that office, so that’s quite a payout record for that number of employees over a mere six-year period.

And again, the Times reports her claim, via a spokesman, that she never heard of it.  She was the state’s top law enforcer, and she knew nothing.  Did she go to her job?  more here

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  1. It bothers the hell out of me that nobody has brought up the slush fund that covers this same thing for the DC hypocrite’s when asked about this on the news shows. Same with the college records when Obama did the same thing.

  2. It isn’t very comforting to know that employees of the state’s AG office were able to have payments made to victims, so that they could avoid prosecution for their crimes committed against them. Where did the money come from for those payments, and who authorized them? How did they appear in their budget? Plus, she admitted to smoking pot while listening to ‘snoop’ and tupac. They were contemporaneous with her tenure in a county DA’s office she worked for, while also prosecuting others for possession or use of pot. Pretty frickin’ slimy, she is.
    She is a classic ‘anchor baby- neither parent was a citizen at the time of her birth, and that makes her ineligible to be elected. And let’s say nothing about her ancestors being slave owners.
    There is a lot of garbage on her that msm is ignoring or burying.


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