More Tiger Than Tigger

A 16-year-old cat named Tigger recently had an encounter with two wild coyotes in Azusa, CA.
Let’s just say he gave them more than they could chew on. Watch

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  1. Lucky for that cat that even the yotes have become liberalized and unable to support getting their own meals correctly.

  2. That Tigger wasn’t going to be coyote dinner, but cats and small dogs need to be kept inside at night. Many of them get gobbled up by coyotes.

    Yay for Tigger!

  3. Sounds like they haven’t had him too long? I set a timer when my 15-yr old cat goes out at night and he is ready to come back to EAT inside! OH–they have a cat flap and apparently let him decide when to go out–I wouldnt’ do that! Coyotes are everywhere in Michigan now, even in the south.

  4. Coyotes are adaptable, like cockroaches. They are literally everywhere, including Central Park NYC and downtown DC.

  5. Coyotes are everywhere in Michigan now, even in the south.
    So are Muslims,
    They too are always looking for dinner,,,
    understands and wishes you well in your concerns,,,

  6. Growing up, my family let the cats out whenever they wanted. Lost most of them before their time.

    When I moved out after college, I never let my cats outside except for the screened in balcony (sides and top) I had on my house in MN. Ivan loved it but hated when the squirrel sat on the top and sassed him. Ivan wanted to get his teeth on him so bad!

  7. Claudia, my cat, Garfield, was the neighbors cat. They left him outside all the time. He was very friendly and came to visit me anytime he saw me outside. When he came up missing for about a week I asked the neighbors if they had checked the shelters to see if they had him. They replied that it was just a cat and if he wasn’t coming back, oh well. I got in my truck and checked humane society with no luck. Then went to county animal control shelter and there he was, in a little room full of cages with other cats and sicker than hell probably because the room had no fresh air ventilation. Claimed him as mine, paid the $85.00 fee and took him to vet. They diagnosed him with a respiratory virus and informed me he was FIV positive. Tried to keep him in house but drove him crazy. Ended up building a 8’×10′ enclosure outside on patio and slowly weaned him away from outside. Altogether ended up spending about $1000 for the whole ordeal. Best money I ever spent.

  8. I see a correlation between President Trump and the demoncrats and Tigger and the coyotes

    Trump and the cat have orange hair and are surrounded by hostiles. let’s hope Trump is as successful.

  9. F4U, when he walks thru the house at 2am meowing up a storm I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing but a “Garfield, shut up!” usually works and I go back to sleep and forgive him by morning.

  10. Awww, Different Tim, you’re a sweetie! Takes a special soul to take in the unwanted.

    All but one of our family cats were strays. Poor Mom; she would see a stray walking down the street and say to herself, “Oh, no. Not another one!”, but we always took them in.

  11. Claudia, sweeties got three of them now. Garfield, who I described earlier. Little Bit who belonged to a elderly lady down the block whom passed away and her family members apparently decided to just throw outside when they emptied her house and Kei Kei whom was my cousin’s who couldn’t have pets where she moved to and I didn’t want to end up in a shelter as shes 13yrs old. Sweetie? How about sucker.

  12. They are roaming the Park cities in the middle of Dallas and northward for dozens miles throughout neighborhoods. All urban, but 40 lb and under animals can easily live off the land not fenced. I know because I trap such sized animals for a living in the Dallas metroplex. RR tracks also give direct access through cities and the backyards next to them.

    A friend 1/2 mile away had a cat who lost it’s tail to one. The RR tracks run right by her.

    Two customers have seen them recently. One has very little left of his cat.

    I corrected the one that hasn’t lost a pet yet when I heard she said to her neighborhood watch that they were protected.

    Nope. Can even fire your shotgun at them in Dallas. That would be a reason to fire within city limits. Be aware of your background, though.

    It’s called defense of self, others, and property. No different than a feral yoot trying to kill your pets and maybe harm you. They are predators. Don’t kid yourself if you you think they are cute and harmless.

    Most people mistakenly think they are some mutt of a Shepard mix. They will watch you drive by as you look at them. Not that shy.

  13. Dadof4, I had a neighbor in MN who lived across the tracks from me. She claimed she lost her cat to a puma. I know it was not a puma, but the coyotes that lived on my side of the tracks in the wetland area. I could hear the young ones in the spring practicing yipping at the moon.

    Funny thing is that they never seemed to visit my yard and eat all the free bunnies that feasted on my hostas. Darn.

    Different Tim, not sucker. Softie, maybe! My sister is the same. She has three in a small apartment.


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