Morning Joe Calls Out Liberal Media Hypocrisy in 2016

MorningJoe: In the aftermath of the final Presidential debate, this Thursday’s Morning Joe discussed how news headlines circulated surprise and outrage at Donald Trump’s response on accepting the outcome of the election more than any other aspect of the debate that covered a number of social issues as well as economic and foreign policy.

Joe Scarborough began his show by saying: “Everybody is shocked. Watching coverage last night and this morning – everybody is shocked and horrified that Donald Trump would suggest that he was going to wait and that he’s even used the words ‘rigged’. I heard people last night saying that he’s the first person to ever do this. That this actually cuts at the very heart of America’s credibility.”

Then the co-host Mika Brzezinski attempting to appear fair and balanced, added that:

Well, there were so many incredible moments last night, both of them came loaded to attack each other and we want to get to them all, but to this point, because there was a lot of reaction to this, this is the case that charges of a rigged or stolen election do not exclusively belong to Republicans. Democrats and liberals have accused the vote of being rigged for George W. Bush both in 2000 and 2004 and have done so for years. Jonathan Chat wrote in New York Magazine in 2012, ‘Yes, Bush V. Gore did steal the election’. Also, in 2012 Salon asked ‘is the GOP stealing Ohio?’ in 2014, Ezra Klein of Vox wrote: ‘68% of Americans think elections are rigged”. 

Scarborough then went on to make his point: “Let me be very specific. My target this morning for my mockery are the very people that are writing articles today on their blogs that are saying ‘this is a threat to democracy, the electoral process in America is sacrosanct and if we ever doubt this are we no better than Putin.’ Those are the people I’m mocking. I’m not comparing him to Al Gore.


6 Comments on Morning Joe Calls Out Liberal Media Hypocrisy in 2016

  1. It was a set up from the beginning, they though it was going to be a gotcha question and its not. The best moment of the debate for me was when Hillary refused to refund donations from the Saudis. We should all be talking about that.

  2. if democrats couldn’t be hypocritical in arguing any stance on any subject they wouldn’t have any ammo.

    once they accuse you of something you they are doing it.

  3. Just wait a few days, there will likely be a Wiki-Leak about how democunts pissed all over the sacrosanct electoral process. It’s the reason they’re hyperventilating about it today.

  4. What Trump should have said: “There is already proof and admission of voter fraud. If I lose me and all the people that voted for me will come after you with torches and pitch forks.”

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