Moron Dog Owner and Moron Newscaster

Watch as this mindless jerk nearly kills his dog.

Listen as the moronic newscaster blames the dog for being “distracted.”

What a jerk.

7 Comments on Moron Dog Owner and Moron Newscaster

  1. That the brown trout was so proud of his achievement that he posted it to facebook makes one wonder how he finds is way out of a closet.
    This is why pot is being legalized.
    There is a severe shortage of idiots.

  2. One of the joys of walking your dog is watching your dog. Most dogs are reasonable well trained but from time to time their nose will take them on an unplanned adventure and it’s up to their owner to ensure their safety. Watching the video it seems that the idiot that owned the dog forgot about him completely and coupled with one of those damned extendable leashes almost caused a tragedy. They ought to make that video mandatory viewing at every dog obedience training class in the country.

  3. Uh, this is why I hate the media. This could have become a gory, snuff film for crying out loud. But this butthole newscaster treats this like some kind of humorous accident. All the media is doing is getting attention by bringing attention to a horrible near tragedy like this.

    Oh and the owner looks like a Methadone recipient to me.

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