Moron falsely touted as “never being wrong on presidential prediction” says Trump will lose in 2020

He was wrong twice. Gore and Hillary. But, he’s never been wrong before! His “13 keys” are that sound!

The ridiculous part of this is that his keys say that Trump will win, but he is going rogue to say he will lose. LOLOLOL.

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  1. I watched this a few days ago and recognized “Full of Shit Syndrome”

  2. Well. It is CNN.

    I don’t know where they reside on Direct TV.

    I could look them up.

    But I won’t bother. Who cares? I prefer the news. Or something that resembles the news. CNN isn’t even close.

  3. Desperation repeating 2016. Of course Biden has a 98% chance of winning and he is taking Texas blue even though he didn’t even have a TX employee until last week and his big commercial spend of $280k – I haven’t heard a single ad.

  4. Ahhhh, the two tried and true democrat excuses: so-called voter suppression and so-called Russian intervention. Just as with the race card, (black) democrats never, ever admit blame or defeat. Now you understand the “participation trophy” effect that the left indoctrinated our youth with.

  5. Can’t understand why Democrats think Republicans would seriously regard the prognostications of this sort of idiot. Free thinkers don’t need others to approve of their thoughts and opinions.

  6. At least he’s a harmless twit, unlike Fauci, who has been wrong more often than not, with actual lives on the line.

  7. This azzhole is about as credible as Sylvia Browne, who told a mother her missing child was dead, only to have the child be found alive after the mother died of a broken heart. This jerk deserves the Upper Bunk in Hell’s dormitory with Browne.

  8. He’s probably angling for a spot on CNN for the entire campaign season. Make some money and say whatever they want to hear.

  9. Wanna bet that he believes the earth will be destroyed in (fill in the blank) years due to anthropogenic global warming?

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