Moron golfers with crappy swings hit balls into Glacier National Park

What does a crappy swing have to do with this? Nothing, really, except that these two knuckleheads think their particular horrendous skills should be memorialized by turning a national park into their personal driving range. It’s the level of conceit and selfishness that is so offensive. Nobody does it, but they’re going to do it. Why?

Should this be against the law? That’s another debate, entirely.

An investigation has been launched to find these dopes.

Seriously, this is not the crime of the century, but it does represent another cavity in our cultural decay.

I like stickball, but I’d never get a pick-up game going and draw a box on the side of the Wailing Wall.


Glacier National Park officials released a statement Monday saying the incident is under investigation.

“Just like other reported possible violations of law, this incident is under investigation. It’s important to realize that throwing or hurling things over the Going-to-the-Sun Road has the potential of hurting or killing wildlife or people down below. You would never throw a bag of garbage over the side, and the same goes for other things that are human made. Obviously we’ve seen in the past week that obstructing traffic on the road can lead to serious accidents as people swerve. If you do see someone breaking the law and you are able to safely get a license plate number or visual of someone’s face, that’s incredibly helpful for our investigators. Law enforcement calls are up 40% over 2018 at Glacier.”

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33 Comments on Moron golfers with crappy swings hit balls into Glacier National Park

  1. TACKY!
    This is why we struggle to have nice things.
    Come on. We can’t make fun of other countries if we’re going to do things like this, too.
    Find just one ball. They probably put their name on them. haha

  2. I have to admit, I did this many years ago. Off a 15,000 mountain top in Tibet.
    Not my idea. But the guy who set it up is one of the most amazing people I know, so I’ll give him a pass on this.

  3. There was a guy who walked across the protected thermal layer of the Grand Prismatic geyser field in Yellowstone this summer. It was filmed and he was identified. His excuse was something like,”I was late and had to pick a friend up at the airport. So I took a short cut.”

    Right. Sure. He was probably out there trying to get the perfect Instagram selfie.

    Ban these idiots forever from every national park. 🤬

  4. What ever happened to the chick that painted ‘her art’ on rock faces in several National Parks. ‘CREEPY TINGS’ was her catch phrase. She, of course, posted her crimes on instagram. Did they ever throw the book at her?

  5. Unfortunately, littering and defacing things are now as American as apple pie.

    I admit I used to write stuff on restroom walls, but never anywhere else. Now, I can write nasty jokes on the internet.

  6. I live near crater Lake NP. Every year some dumb ass ignores the signs and ends up falling a few thousand feet down into the crater. A few years ago, some moron lost control of his car and took a ride into the crater. It’s the same thing at every NP. Too many f-ing stupid people trying to be YouTube heroes. There needs to be an IQ test given before you are allowed to enter.

  7. WHITE PRIVELEGE INCARNATE! Racist game, which only white males play, on land stolen from Native American coloreds.

  8. I once hit a few golf balls off the topside of a submarine when we surfaced for a “steel-beach bbq” off the coast of Hawaii.
    I didn’t even think of the potential fish I might hit when the golf ball went sploosh.

  9. For their punishment they should be forced to live with Rashida Tlaib for a week. Sorry, I meant for a day (I’m not that sick)

  10. That is what is called a DICK_HEAD.

    Can you imagine living with this asshole when not on vacation?

    What did he not LEARN about “leave it, as you entered it.” Or something like that.

    I would make that asshole pick up the TRASH left behind at those campsites, and along the roads, wearing a sign saying:

    “yeah I’m that guy who played golf here!” With a DUNCE hat on.

  11. Jimmy, shouldn’t that be, Only you can prevent goof balls. If Smoky Bear was around he would’ve kicked his ass and made him fetch those golf balls and then banned him from any National Park forever for being an idiot.

  12. @ On Whose Shoulders… – do you mean future water hazards from those ‘melting’ glaciers?

  13. @geoff the aardvark: “Only you can prevent goof balls.” But what about “Goofy Golf?” Is it played with goof balls, or golf balls? Inquiring (but goofy) minds all over the planet want to know.

  14. In all fairness, there are better places to tee off in the park than GTTS Road. Half the people who are stuck in that traffic delay will keep their cars idling. There are no trails/people below. However, the guy looks like a douche for his in-your-face/look-what-I-can-do act. Forget the fine. Make him walk a few trails picking up any litter along the way and post it on YouTube.


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