Moron Howard Stern rips anti-vaxxers: ‘I might have to run’ just to clean up their mess

The Hill-

Howard Stern says he “might have to run” for president in order to clean up the “mess” made by Americans who oppose COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Believe me, this here is turning into a third-world country because of the f—ing morons we have living here,” Stern told listeners on his SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday, during a discussion of a staff member’s trip to Panama amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a sad commentary on my country,” Stern, 67, said.

“This is my country. I’ve got too many morons living here. We could be past a lot of this COVID business,” added Stern, a vocal proponent of vaccinations.

“You were all about freedom, until the morons got ahold of the place,” co-host Robin Quivers said.

“Now I’m not into freedom,” Stern replied to laughs. “I don’t feel good about what’s going on in my country. I might have to run just to clean this f—ing mess up.”

“I could clean it up in two seconds,” the famed radio personality said of a potential White House run. “Just the way [President] Biden got us out of Afghanistan — that quick I’m going to clean things up. Boom. Right away.”


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  1. Aaaaannnnd a nuther blustering fukstick brags about whut he’s gonna do…

    The first one said he wuz gonna shut down the virus!!

  2. I’d like to see Howard personally try to give me the shot. It would be a pleasure shooting him in the face.

  3. Where the fuck are all the black folks that are anti-vax?
    Seriously, the race-card is played like a trip hammer any other time.

    Blacks are far more leary about an experimental drug than any other demographic.
    Speak up motherfuckers or forever hold your peace!

  4. “Just the way [President] Biden got us out of Afghanistan — that quick I’m going to clean things up. Boom. Right away.”

    The fact that Stern completely misses the point that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a humiliating clusterfuck of a rout that will embolden America’s enemies for decades to come confirms pretty much everything I’ve ever believed about Stern. What a fucking moron…

  5. Can anyone explain to me why this virus hasn’t wiped out the homeless population? I’m sure those people aren’t getting the quackcine. Hell, they don’t even mask unless they’re committing a robbery.

  6. The aged-out methadone maintenance addict Stern is as withered, washed-up, and “uncharmed” as the flaccid attention-seeking alyssa milano. Imagine functioning cohesively as a methadonian. laughable stuff.

  7. His metric for success is Afghanistan?
    You may actually have 81 million Idiots down there…

    But we still have Quebec, Toronto, & Leaf Fans.

  8. Well he is very relevant so perhaps he’ll win. One suggestion for you Stern- save the dry cleaning bag to commit suicide with, I hear it’s the least painful way to go.

  9. The fact that Stern has a podium is proof that there are “… too many morons living here.”
    This guy should have been put in a dumpster 30 years ago.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Yeah Howeird ….I’m gonna take a guy that paraded around in a cape calling himself “Fartman” as a man of intelligence and integrity

  11. ….btw you f@!king genius…I and my entire family of 5 have all been vaccinated but all had Covid last week so take your mentality and ideas and shove them up your holier than thou ass!!!

  12. LocoBlancoSaltine
    JANUARY 6, 2022 AT 2:44 AM
    “Where the fuck are all the black folks that are anti-vax?”

    Generally speaking, Black people will support Democrats no matter what.

    Kind of ironic, considering that every slave master was a Democrat.

    …tis is enforced at the Federal level by Joe “Pedo” Biden.

    He DOES get to determine who is Black and who is not, after all, based on the sole critera of support for him…

  13. Gotta hunch this POS won’t be around long. Graphene Oxide in the suicide jab is not going to do him any favors.

  14. I bet ole Howard would chang4e his tune if he listed to Dr, Malone and the Joe Rogan interview. He probably heard it and went ballistic – only because Joe Rogan, Sterns peer is smarter than him.

  15. Even the rich loud-mouthed shock jock thinks he can insult good, decent people who don’t believe in this “experiment.”
    These people have taken care of themselves and relied on natural immunity all their lives to combat whatever health concern came their way. If they wanted help from their competent doctors, they sought out educated advice. They didn’t subject themselves to the whim of a hurried quick fix that has been documented to cause myocarditis and death in many.
    This asswipe made his money talking down to midget strippers on the radio. Who you gonna go with?
    Go grease up another stripper and shut the fuck up, Howard.

  16. Remember – This is the a-hole who made fun of the airplane crashing into the bridge in DC in the early 80’s and got chased off the air.
    there is a reason they are called “shock jocks”. Their entire existence is based on saying provocative BS.

  17. Stern used to be worth listening to. But in the past decade or so, he’s managed to let his ego get larger than his actual popularity. He needs to shut the fuck up instead of opening his big mouth and vomiting his ignorance all over the place.

    Joe Rogan is a much better option to listen to.

  18. Okay I have a question. If I get a blood transfusion from a vaccinated person, do I get the spike protein from him in my system??

  19. Who the hell listens to that fucking moron anyway? Someone recommended his show to me ~ 1990. I listened for under tow minutes and decided I had heard enough. I’ve heard snippets since and the guy is not worthy of my time.

  20. Another talking head spewing the ministry of propaganda line.
    I’ll bet someone in NYC has Howie on their list…

  21. @Anonymous January 6, 2022 at 9:05 am

    > WTF is wrong with n’yarkers?

    The answer, even the question, will get you banned from DJT’s (spokesmodel branded) new “free speech” platform.

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