Moron Mayor Thinks It’s a Hate Crime To Be Criticized

It’s hard to imagine having a mind so programmed by leftist race-based twatwaddle that you think any criticism of you is a hate crime leveled at you by white supremacist.

That’s where we are. Progressives, particularly black progressives, are exempt from even a sideways glance or an eye roll, because to do so means you’re a Nazi.

It’s a nice deal if you can get it. Doesn’t work on me, though.

These charges are reaching such a level of stupidity that, ironically, one might begin to think that there is something to superiority and inferiority.


Mayor Jimmy Matta of Burien, Wash. falsely claimed on Friday that he and other city council candidates were targets of a hate crime after yard signs appeared in public areas advocating against progressive candidates, of which he is one.

The signs read, “SEATTLE POLITICS ARE BAD FOR BURIEN,” and had the BLM fist logo on them. The signs also said, “VOTE AGAINST,” then listed the names of local progressive candidates Jimmy Matta, Hugo Garcia, Sarah Moore and Marxist candidate Krystal Marx.

Matta falsely claimed that the symbols on the signs represent white supremacy. He believes the lighting bolts on the sign are “Nazi” symbols, though they in no way resemble the SS logo. Meanwhile, the BLM fist has been a symbol of progressive causes.

Matta contacted the media, and not law enforcement, about his concerns, offering a $2,000 reward for any information that can help Burien police arrest those responsible for the yard signs that opposed him. He also held a “community vigil” to “heal the community” from “hate speech.” He told media that demands that the FBI open an investigation into the incident. King county sheriff and local police have yet to be contacted by Matta.


It doesn’t dawn on this simpleton that this poster looks very much like the imagery produced by Antifa. lolll

He think sit’s a hate crime to see such graphics. lol

9 Comments on Moron Mayor Thinks It’s a Hate Crime To Be Criticized

  1. It works.
    You can think what the mayor is doing is silly, sick, insane or fascist. But he won and he’s in charge, it’s a winning strategy.
    The left has used this strategy to take over the country and not one single patriot has dared to lift a finger/ gun.

  2. Look at the picture of matta that accompanies the article. He looks like he wouldn’t trust his own mother.

  3. So does he hide under his bed every time there’s a lightening storm crying about it being a white supremacist attack?
    This stuff is out of hand.

  4. Krystal Marx? Seems fitting.
    America has fallen, and it needs to be restored.
    Recognizing your enemy and realizing you’re in a war. It’s not a shooting war yet, it is an information war and a biofear psychological war. The first step in the right direction is understanding those facts. Our weapons are truth and discernment. Expose the enemy and the fake news with it.

  5. He should be comfortable with SS lightning bolts. After all, Nazis are fellow brethren – Nazi is German shorthand for National SOCIALISTS

  6. For as bizarre as this may seem, remember that only just a few, short years ago nobody would have predicted the weird shit that people are buying into today!!

  7. Noovuss is right. He didn’t go to the local PoPo because he knew it wasn’t a hate crime. Instead he played the poor black victim roll and it worked. End result is all those stupid white pussies with half a guilt complex voted for him. Just to be equitable. And ANTIFA and BLM expand their territory.

  8. I live in Washington and it is sad that every time there is some dipshit story it happens here. These things used to occur far away. Like when car bombs only happened in the middle east. I will never go to Seattle again. The entire wet-side of this state is a shit show.


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