Moron “Professor” Breaks Rules, But Says She Didn’t While the Evidence is Plain as Day

A professor told her class they were “expected to be present” at a protest rally.

DW– Forcing students to attend a protest is obviously a violation of the First Amendment and far oversteps any reasonable school policy on employee advocacy of a political view or cause.

Called out for the apparent coercion of students to protest another student group’s event, Jackson seem to contradict her assertion that students would be “expected to be present during class time,” insisting to Young America’s Foundation that students would not be “penalized for not attending.”

“Attendance will not be taken for today’s class,” Jackson told YAF. “As a result, students not in attendance will not be penalized for not attending.”


Why does the left blatantly lie?

Where were the students informed that they didn’t have to attend?

17 Comments on Moron “Professor” Breaks Rules, But Says She Didn’t While the Evidence is Plain as Day

  1. The-Mamomma
    OCTOBER 22, 2019 AT 10:40 AM
    “Ugh. And right in my backyard. How can we keep these people from ruining our community?”

    …each passing day seems to provide more and more proof that “Civil War” is the inevitable answer…

  2. @The-Mamomma — You could attend the event yourself to show your support of Knowles and campus conservatives.

  3. …she won’t take attendance, but she WILL notice who doesn’t show up, and they will suddenly find that bad grades, doxxing, and visits by the campus Gaystapo start to plauge their lives, for some reason…

  4. John Zonk
    OCTOBER 22, 2019 AT 11:05 AM
    “Teaches race & gender studies.”

    …MY university added something like that as a MANDATORY course, but I had my choice of being screamed at for being male, screamed at for being White, or screamed at for being hetro.

    I chose to go get a job instead.

    …that was a lot of years ago, I understand that by combining them under the rubric of “race AND gender studies”, they can get tge9r facist in MUCH more efficiently…

  5. @AbigailAdams You have a good point, although I don’t know that that will keep these types from taking over Kennesaw State. But I can see where sometimes you just have to take a stand anyway.

  6. I read the statement. It didn’t specify which side of the rally you had to be on. Go, check -in, go protest with the other side.

  7. “… hosting a transphobic today, …” ??? wtf???

    oh yeah … a ‘professor’ …. parents, donors & alumni must be so proud

  8. Beginning to see why the totalitarians want to nationalize this sort of shit?

    Rational people won’t pay for it – only morons who want to play video games while eating Cheetos are willing to attend such nonsense.

    Thus – force the taxpayers to support the filth, the lies, the stupidity, and the treasons.

    The Republicans will pull their thumbs from each others’ asses (briefly) and quickly calculate how many cents out of each $100 they’ll need to steal to make it into HRC’s and Pelosi’s ranks. Then they’ll do their Mittens imitation: Suck their thumbs clean before inserting them into some other guys’ asses (or their own if they’re feeling adventurous – and can find it).

    And so on … and so on … and so on …

    izlamo delenda est …

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