Moronic Take- Elected School Board Member Says He “Doesn’t Work For You”

The face of an idiot —>

York Dispatch-

With all due respect to the men and women who snarl, “I’m a taxpayer! You work for me!” No, I don’t work for you. I was elected by people who voted to represent you. It is not the same thing. You may also be surprised to learn every member of a school board is a taxpayer, too. I come from a long line of taxpaying men and women.

-You seem to think that when voted in you only work for the people who voted for you. That’s not the way it works, knobhead, unless you feel particularly binary, partisan, extreme, and embrace polarization. But besides all of that, yes, you do “work” for the people. You are not a dictator.-

With all due respect to the people who introduce themselves as doctors without mentioning their specialties or credentials and expect their pronouncements to be accepted as unimpeachable: When I have a toothache, I don’t go to an oncologist. To me, the logical person to consult about a virus is a virologist. When a person introduces him or herself as a doctor, their education, training and experience matter to me. After all, Jack Kevorkian was a doctor.

So if virologists told you that what you were doing was senseless you would listen to them? Why? You don’t “work” for them.

Also, any doctor is more educated than you. Dr. Dre seems more educated than you. With all due respect, you sound like you’d go to a hardware store for a ham sandwich.

If you Google “Virologists Warnings About Vaccination” you will garner very little results.

On DuckDuckGo you get tons of results –

I wonder what search engine Knobhead uses.

With all due respect to those of you who believe threatening a school board with a lawsuit constitutes effective communication: You are not the first. You will not be the last.

Good luck.

With all due respect to parents who declare, “Keep this masking nonsense up and I will pull my child out of school, you’ll lose money, and then you’ll be sorry!” Framing your choice this way makes you sound like a bully. Still, it’s your choice. Nobody is taking choice away from you.

What virologist told you masks are effective against Covid? You’re either a bully or an asshole, or both. Kids are not dying from Covid. More die every year from suicide than Covid.

USA TODAY HEADLINE in 2020 – More young people are dying by suicide, and experts aren’t sure why

I’m no expert, but young people spend most of their time in school. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should consult a virologist to connect some dots.

Hey, Knobhead, maybe masking is depressing and isolating and distorts natural and normal human interaction. And you’re doing this to prevent about 300 Covid “related” deaths among children since Covid began nearly three years ago. You should be drawn and quartered.

With all due respect to the parents who make the pretentious statement phrased as a foregone question, “Don’t parents always know what is best for their child?” No, we don’t. Nevertheless, if you are offended because I don’t believe parents are infallible, you can always sue or take your child out of school. Your choice.

You just said you are a parent that doesn’t know what is best for your own children, yet you sit on a board, smugly, and make decisions about other people’s children. Does that make sense to you at all? If it does, with all due respect, immolate yourself.

Given what you just said, wouldn’t the default position be to let parents be responsible for deciding what is best for their child? No? Here, take this gallon of gasoline.

Finally, with all due respect to the charlatans who claim health and safety measures are responsible for destroying the mental health of children simply to justify their own social agenda, you are the most offensive and vile of all. There are members of this community who tried to draw attention to the warning signs of increasing mental distress among our children long before you ever thought of mental health as a potential cudgel. To listen to your repeated distortions of the facts is nauseating.

The “agenda” is that you are destroying the mental health of children. You’re justifying that destruction by obfuscating and distorting.

That there was concern before Covid for the mental health of children means nothing in context. Nice try, though.

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  1. The face of an idiot – but a democratically elected idiot!

    Schools run by governments: what could go wrong?

  2. how long have I been saying go to a school board meeting whether you have kids or not
    my school taxes are now 4 times more expensive than my prop taxes

    he works for the “big club”
    they don’t really care about the kids
    schools get more taxpayer funding if your kids are on their adhd meds
    schools get more taxpayer funding for the covid crap

  3. Oh look… Yet another arrogant, entitled, half-wit piece of shit in a position of authority. This won’t stop until assholes like this get punched in the face when they say stupid, fascist shit like that.

  4. I cannot name one big group of formerly ‘fellow citizens’, from hospitals to banks to insurance to AARP to environmentalists to educators to retailers to delivery truckers to professional sports to ‘journalists’ (now including local news) to parents of ‘fur babies’

    that don’t really disappoint me. Individuals that I deal with daily, we have a good rapport, but in general people really are digging for the bottom. Tats, piercings, blue hair, unkempt … even their personal appearance says they are selfish/stupid/empty.

  5. So after he’s recalled and the pay checks stop someone needs to stick a mic in front of his face and ask, now who do you work for asshole?

  6. I served on a school board for several years. You work for everyone who pays taxes that support that school. However, I cannot tell you the kind of crap that goes on–it’s truly disheartening. And the majority of the people who serve on school boards are ideological do-gooders with too much time on their hands.

  7. @anonymous… properly, that’s ‘toofuses’, the correct plural of ‘toof’. It’s an easy mistake to make so don’t beat yourself up too badly… save it for the elected maroon.

  8. Every lefty I know thinks getting elected means they can rule over people and make them do whatever they want. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    The concept of “serving the people” becomes an in-name-only feature.

    They will, and do, call it that while screwing the people over.


    Why I voted Ronny 9 times; never for Dole!
    Ronny tried 8 straight years to kill Dept. Ed. Bob Dole, with help. of other liberal UNIPARTY folk, stoped him.

    Had it not been for Dole, who BTW is/was a good Republican – never backed Dem’s, unlike the Bush/Rove clique!- there never would have been: Common Core, CRT!

  10. I can think of very few people in government that work for me but I can think of plenty that work against me. This fool being a prime example.


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