MosqueMobile Coming to 2020 Olympics

Mobile mosques are actually a great idea. I think all of them should be mobile. Point them towards Mecca and put a brick on the accelerator.

Too harsh?

Well, it’s simply the flip side of the coin that says Islam is a gentle religion, a religion of peace. I think that statement is MORE outrageous, and more absurd, than mine.

How is the idea of a mosque hooked up to the back of truck not triggering to a progressive douchecanoe?

How is it Shakespeare causes them to go into catatonia, followed by legs akimbo and a seizure, but a TRUCK WITH MUSLIMS IN IT, AT AN EVENT WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN ITS PATH…. nothin’.

Methinks “triggering” moments are simply political theater.


Plans are under way to deploy “mobile mosques” to event venues, training camps and other sites at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics for use by Muslim athletes and other participants.

The mosques would be set up in large trucks, enabling them to be moved anywhere at any time for use by Muslims as secure places of worship.

The idea was devised by Yasuharu Inoue, a 58-year-old Tokyo resident who is president of an event organizing company. Inoue brought a footbath to the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, and held an event at the 2012 London Games to express gratitude for the support provided by foreign countries after the Great East Japan Earthquake.


“Prayer is an essential practice for Muslims. I want to welcome them [to the 2020 Games in Tokyo] with Japanese hospitality by providing a comfortable environment for worship,” he said.


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15 Comments on MosqueMobile Coming to 2020 Olympics

  1. Smart move by Japan; If they allowed muslims to turn buildings into mosques, they’d never get them back, as the mosques will have now become part of Dar al Islam, never to be relinquished to the infidel. Very crafty, Japanese .

  2. I think they should have a race between the MosqueMobile and the PopeMobile. Winning driver gets a 5-pound ham and his choice of a 12-year-old Catholic choirboy or 72 virgin nuns.

  3. Good idea. Gather them all together in one location. Perfect TOO (Target Of Opportunity).
    And when the Olympics are done, and everyone has gone home, crush the truck and melt it down.

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