Most Admired man 2015? Caitlyn Jenner?

Is the most admired man in 2015, according to Gallup, Caitlyn Jenner?


It’s Barack Obama. What’s not to admire about a dope that has displaced millions of valuable Americans from their healthcare and supplanted them with people who can’t find America on a map?

Guess who was second.

It was a tie. The pope and Donald Trump.

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  1. They polled 16 homeless guys sleeping in the vestibule of Gallup’s main office location in the Bowery.

    Total Votes:

    0bama 4; Pope John XXIII 3; Donald Trump 3; The guy that always throws away a half-smoked Macanudo as he gets to work 2; Mogan David 1; Thursday night wrestling 1; sobriety 1; Huh? 1

  2. As asked of a herd of bearded goat fuckers as they wait in line in Sacramento for their gubmint handouts, courtesy of the loosest goat ass around. POtuS.

  3. it is a sad commentary on our present ‘society,’ as a whole, that the overwhelming majority of people on these lists are not ones that most of us would choose to lead us through a crisis

  4. I guess they admire how he’s handling terrorism and keeping the country safe?…Nope

    Maybe it’s how well he is handling the economy?…Nope

    Maybe it’s how he so proudly displays his well deserved Nobel peace prize?…certainly not

    Maybe it’s just how manly he is?…*rolleyes*

    What a crock!

  5. So. . .. . We have a hardcore political socialist, a softcore religious socialist, and the ultimate capitalist. I know who I’d rather have as my leader.

  6. I would like to go on the record saying that Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenner is an abomination, and also a coward for not having a vagina installed.

    Jenner is a disfigured man wearing drag. If he would get the vagina installed, he would be a disfigured eunuch with the DNA of a man and a fake vagina.

    Which is still an abomination. But, alas, not a coward.

    Perhaps he has read the horrific statistics for fully transitioned men to women. They nearly all regret removing the penis and many kill themselves. Perhaps he is hedging his bet and maintaining a way out.

    If that is so, it proves he isn’t “really” a “woman” and is, instead, a man with very severe mental illness.

  7. It’s like admiring an opossum:

    He’s determined.
    He’s confident.
    He says, “Yes, we can make it!”, as his determined noggin gets confidently crushed by a 1998 F-150 Crew Cab.

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