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Most American Parents Have Failed Our Nation

It’s easy to blame the kids for this horrible data, but where were the parents?

Polling 18-26. 1000 kid sampling:

The Intercept

Their biggest concerns, in order, are “corruption,” “greed,” and “inequality.”

31 percent said Bernie Sanders is the major political figure they “like and respect the most.”

More 18- to 21-year-olds chose Sanders as the person they’d most like to have dinner with than anyone else, ahead of Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

58 percent of respondents said they agreed more with the statement “America isn’t better or worse than most other countries” than with “America is exceptional. It’s better than every other country in the world.” In fact, 35 percent of 18- to 26-year-olds, including 42 percent of 18- to 21-year-olds, said they considered themselves more a citizen of the world than of the U.S.

“Which type of political system do you think is the most compassionate?”, 58 percent said socialism and 9 percent said communism.

Corporate America “embodies everything that is wrong about America.”


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  1. You can blame the globalist ruling class for having no regard for the lot of average people for that. Sanders is certainly not the answer but I get why people are disillusioned. Trump 2016.

  2. Quote attributed to Churchill goes something like:

    If you are not a liberal at 20 you have no heart.
    If you are not a conservative at 40 you have no brain.

  3. It takes time and effort to keep up with what your kids are doing and what they are learning, and in many cases, their teachers really don’t want any outside influences and ideas. I never tried to dictate how my kids should think, but I was adamant that they be critical of things they were taught, particularly when those things are more dogma than factual.

    Particularly in high school, things could be uncomfortable for my kids. On occasion, my kids would question the teachers on certain ideas, and while many teachers encouraged discussion, many other teachers preferred the “shut up and listen” approach. Thus the next lesson – learn to figure out which teachers are interested in discussing ideas, and which teachers are only interested in pushing their agenda. Students can learn from the former, the latter group is only an exercise in frustration that can affect the final grade.

    To come full circle, Sanders is popular because too many high school and college kids are taught that socialist theory is good, and very few of them are actually encouraged (or even permitted) to examine socialism and communism in practice. Even Sweden, which is about the only country liberals point to as a socialist success, doesn’t practice socialism as Sanders advocates, and even then their system only works because Sweden is full of Swedes. But inject a large number of non-Swedes into the culture, as Sweden has done with its Muslim immigration policies, you will see socialism even in Sweden start to collapse faster than most people expected.

  4. Parents, educators, churches, TV, Hollyweird, gov’t …

    there’s a lot of blame to go around …


    “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    After WWII the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen came home tired of war, death, and destruction … and only wanted to get on with their lives, leaving to the “experts” the nurturing and care of their children … trusting in the institutions that (once) made America great … dismissing the Cassandras that warned of the socialists’ infiltration.

    To our eternal shame and undoing.

    It is too late to unmake the omelet.

  5. This is the result of 45 years of an increasingly “progressive” public education agenda. They’ve been in charge for long enough now to have control over more than one generation of impressionable minds, while encouraging less and less parental involvement and, more importantly, abandoning and even discouraging critical thinking and reasoning skills in the classroom.
    Instead, they are fed a steady diet of “social justice,” LGBBQTPP/gender studies propaganda (much of this is in popular media, but it also is presented as early as kindergarten in innocent lessons and cute little story books with happy gay families and brave little transchildren. You know, instead of books with lessons about manners, respecting others, safety, sharing, hygiene, etc.) and intolerance for what used to be called American values. Throughout their formative years, they are taught only everything wrong with America, as though ours is the only nation with flaws and everything wrong with the world is at her feet. They will never see anything but through the prism of a hard-left point of view, in every aspect of their education. Who cares if they can read or do math? They’re learning about “white privilege” and “climate change” and the 50+ different ways they can “identify” and gain instant special snowflake points and free victim tickets. It’s like ordering coffee: “I identify as a Gray-Ace Trans*man, but some days I feel more like I’m on the Nonbinary spectrum.” And xe would like a venti double shot caramel macchiato with extra whipped cream.
    By the time they’re getting close to high school, it gets sadder because not only do they seem to understand that they are not being taught multiple viewpoints, they don’t WANT to hear them and f*ck you for suggesting that “bigoted” viewpoints be allowed in their classrooms. They’ve been taught to suppress any opposition and completely discount anyone with whom they disagree (even if the topic has nothing to do with whatever it is they disagree on), where they “can’t even” (heh) permit their presence in the same space. Their minds shut down in the presence of wrongthink. Their reactions are completely out of proportion to whatever sleights they perceive (death threats for a “racist” comment, for example). And on top of that, the normal behavior of those 12 and up has always been that they know better than their parents. These kids are taught, implicitly, that they DO, because their parents are racist, ___-phobic, blah blah blah and that their opinions don’t matter. It’s perfect.
    And many of their teachers believe in this drivel 100%, so even if you keep them level-headed at home for a time, it only gets harder and harder to keep them from giving in to the group. In college, they are completely surrounded and immersed in SJW/progthink, even if they aren’t in a required diversity/gender studies class. I had a couple friends and cousins a few years younger than me who, these last few years, never having complained or displayed much kneejerk progthink behavior beyond the usual virtue-signalling stuff in high school (let’s make our profile pics rainbow with the Eiffel Tower in solidarity for hashtag lives matter blah blah je suis bring back our justice for soandso), came back from freshman year as queer, outraged socialjustice stormtroopers who saw raaaaaaaaaacism everywhere and developed a strong hatred of just being around white “cis” men (even though some of them are just that). Not exaggerating.

    They’re also a lot more depressed now that they’ve been enlightened with the same grievances and special secret knowledge of the evils of Capitalism that is SOOOOO not mainstream and SOOOOO not exactly the same repackaged Marxism their parents learned at their age (and presumably grew out of). Though I will say, it’s not quite the same because it’s a Marxism – cultural and otherwise – openly encouraged like never before, and everything that was wackadoodle fringe lefty stuff (the stupid knapsack book about critical theory [WTF is a knapsack? I think that’s a backpack, buddy], “heterosexual relationships are all inherently oppressive to women”, gender is a “social construct”, etc.) when it was written 20 or 30 years ago, is now the curriculum.

    Anyway, sorry this has been rather lengthy. There are so many more factors I could go into on why this is a carefully and patiently constructed state of affairs. I’ll give the Regressives credit for one thing, they certainly are good at delayed gratification when it comes to seeding their agendas.

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