Most Americans say protest graffiti, statue vandalism, trespassing, looting are violent acts


​Most Americans say protest graffiti, monument vandalism and destroying private property are violent acts, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

The results come amid a national debate about protesting tactics, following the May 25 death of African-American male George Floyd while in the custody Minneapolis police. Some observers have argued that property destruction does not amount to violence because it does not result in bodily harm. MORE

10 Comments on Most Americans say protest graffiti, statue vandalism, trespassing, looting are violent acts

  1. If Trump cannot get these riots and destruction under control, then he needs to declare “Open Season” on rioters, looters and violent protesters and let the citizens take care of business. In less than 48 hours this bullshit would come to a screeching halt and ‘We, the People’ would once again go back to a peaceful existence. (There are lots of places in the desert to bury bodies.)

  2. ” (There are lots of places in the desert to bury bodies.)”

    If you’re in Nevada(probably Arizona too but I haven’t looked for a place there), the usual procedure is to find one of the old smaller mine shafts that are all over the place and toss the body down it followed by a stick of dynamite.

    The whole area is dotted with those old shafts and no one ever notices one collapsing in on itself or investigates the ones that do.

  3. Another traitorous decistion by the sup ct.

    Still haven’t seen who voted for what. But we know repub judges voted with liberal judges on this.

    Keep in mind. No court would give a damn thing toward seeing Obama’s bc. The sup ct wouldn’t even hear any of the cases.

    Black ass privilege.

  4. I see a huge difference between violence and vandalism. Vandalism, in the form of graffiti, is not “freedom of expression” No one has a right to deface public property. Vandalism should be punishable by stiff prison sentences. Violence, on the other hand, in any form, should be punishable by death. You commit a crime, you go to jail. You commit a violent crime, you die. Laws without teeth are useless, and “time outs” don’t work.

  5. We need a nightly TV event depicting “organized” street “protests” in a type of game show format. Contestants get to predict what destructive act is coming next, graffiti, window smashed, arson, beat down, etc., picking up points for each correct prediction.

    The contestant with the highest score gets to move on the the bonus round in which he/she climbs into a soccer mom’s SUV and drives it through a street full of protesters. Each one he/she knocks down is worth $500 in prize money.

    We’ll call it “America’s Got Terrorists.”

  6. Most people say The Party is full of good people. Who only want to do the right thing. And are made to look bad by the few, accidental, misinterpreted, out of context, helpings, of Party members in good standing. And, if not, The Party will investigate, itself. And purify itself. According to it’s own rules. Subject to change without notice. And tell us, all, The Party is all good, again. Same as it ever is.

    Most people are idiots.

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