Most Americans Unwilling To Give $10 A Month To Combat Climate Change


significant majority of Americans are unwilling to contribute $10 each month to address climate change, an AP-NORC survey found.

While 57 percent of those surveyed would contribute $1 a month to combat global warming, that number drops significantly when the monetary contribution increases. Twenty-eight percent of respondents said they would pay $10 each month, 30 percent said they would pay $20 a month, and 16 percent said they would contribute $100 each month. More

23 Comments on Most Americans Unwilling To Give $10 A Month To Combat Climate Change

  1. Correction: Most people aren’t willing to give $10 per month to Al Gore’s private jet travel and chakra hand job fund. And I don’t blame them.

  2. I already pay a “Climate Tax” at the pump when I buy gas why would I give more? You can’t even recycle anymore cause there’s no where to drop recyclables off….

  3. I’ll leave the freezer doors open at the super market when I go shopping if that will help.

    If anyone thinks that Mankind can do anything to effect the Solar cycles that cause the climate to change on Earth then they are the fools with that will soon be parted from their money.

  4. “Fuck it, I’m leaving both vehicles run all night so we don’t have to warm them up in the morning.’
    Great Neighbor you are! So Considerate!

  5. I’m already combating with even more money next month; gas bill will be $200+ thanks to the -12 high temperature on Wednesday.

  6. I will pay $100 a month,for the rest of my life,to never see Al Gore, Obama, Michelle or Hillary ever again.

  7. I’ll give $10 a month so that Al Gore’s head can be dunked in a pond until he either stops lying or stops breathing. Deal?


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