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Most of the offended are often offensive

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  1. The lack of self awareness of these people is breathtaking. They become enraged at every little word or deed that offends their sensitivities and begin vomiting insults. Expressing that outrage is a signal to their peers just how morally superior they are. In other words they’re juvenile frauds.

  2. I did not hear the shit-hole comment, but if he said it – AMEN!!
    There are even places is this country that I call Scheissen-Boxen (high-school German for Shit Boxes).

  3. I have been to shithole countries and that is exactly what they are.
    Driving in this morning I tuned into progressive radio on satellite radio just so I could listen to Mark Thompson go crazy and have his head explode. I guess if he (Mark) thinks Trump only talked about blace countries as shitholes but not white countries someone should have him check out such shitholes and Detroit or the south side of Chicago. They are shitholes as well.
    Bout time someone was speaking the truth. MAGA

  4. well, if they are shitting in holes in those countries, that’s a good thing…i understand we have people shitting on sidewalks in some cities, and not even holes in the sidewalks…..holes is way way better!!

  5. The folks with their panties in a bunch over Trump’s 100% accurate characterization are the ones who cheered on while the Kenyan Fraud was rushing all facets of his agenda to turn these United States into a shithole.

    God Bless President Trump, our hero, and keep him healthy as he leads us from the torment of these last dozen particularly bewildering years!!

  6. For anyone who didn’t witness it, Trump just signed and MlK proclamation on live tv and as he’s shaking hands with attendees, “reporters are screaming out questions about shitholes and “are you a racist?”

    Cut these cocksuckers off at the knee and revoke their press passes.

  7. I used to go to a demoncrat blog and try to reason with them.

    I had three rules for my own behavior:
    1. No cuss words
    2. Never attack anyone personally, I could attack their beliefs, their ideas and their politics. But never lower myself to personal insult or attack.
    3. As the most important Commandment declares, treat your fellow man with kindness.

    You would not believe the amount of cussing and vile attacks that the “enlightened” left poured upon me for the unforgivable crime of disagreeing with them. This was during the reign of obama while they controlled congress so you would think they would be happy. I was called every name in the book except for “child of God”. For these people to be having the vapors because someone said that Trump said “sh*thole” is the height of hypocrisy.

    The only thing that is as angry and as bitter as a liberal out of power is a liberal whose party is in power.

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