Mother of Crying Baby at Rally Speaks Out, Defends Trump

GP:  […] “I was the mother in his rally on Tuesday, August 2nd, in Ashburn, VA, with the baby who started to cry. I would just like him to know personally that I, by no means felt I was ever “kicked out” of his rally. I excused myself and my child when he awoke from his nap and began to cry. It was only because I had to grab my child’s belongings and then make my way out of the aisle I was seated in that I wasn’t out of there sooner.

I realize Mr. Trump doesn’t know me personally, but for those that do, know that I am the first one to excuse myself and my child when he begins to cry because I personally believe it’s rude to disturb anyone else’s ability to hear what they came to see. I’ve left movies, violin recitals, and other events if I felt my child was disturbing others. It is the considerate thing to do.

I stood right outside the doors of the auditorium continuing to watch and listen to what Mr. Trump had to say. In fact, the police that were right outside in the same hallway with me, treated me with so much respect it was incredible. They were so kind and made me feel welcomed to stand with them. One officer commended me on my bravery to bring my child to Mr. Trump’s rally.”

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  1. MSM,

    Ever wonder how many Haitian babies are crying because they are hungry? Didn’t think so?

    I do know there would probably be less if the Clinton Foundation used the majority of the donations for Haitian Relief as actual aid instead of paying campaign-foundation staffers.

  2. So let me get this straight:

    Trump allegedly “throws out a crying baby”—-outrage

    Clinton supports killing babies in the womb—yawn

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