Mother of “Success Kid” meme wants “disgusting political party” (republicans) to stop using it

Suddenly the ubiquitous meme is copyrighted. I guess she can pick and choose who to go after.

4/5 was taken without our permission and endorsement, and refund the money his campaign received from misusing ‘Success Kid”.

Just to be clear, she doesn’t have a problem with Steve King, per se, she has a problem with the entire “disgusting” party.

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  1. Well, there goes that image. I’ll never be able to look at this again without thinking about his progressive mother.

  2. while they’re stopping people and groups from appropriating the symbols of others,

    maybe they could call on the faggots to stop using a rainbow flag, which is a symbol the bible has used for thousands of years.

    Do you really think it is just a coincidence that the faggots started using a rainbow?

  3. Oh so NOW no one can use the picture? How is she going to get cash from someone when that image has been in thousands of memes, used in videos and on tv for the past 8 years? Why didn’t she say anything back when the photo was taken? Is she suing the entire world? lol.
    Genie’s out of the bottle, lady.

  4. Avatars worldwide are going up in smoke.
    They’d better not copyright Ralph and Stymie or there will be Hell to pay.

  5. ^

    Beat me to it, MJA.

    This means NOBODY can us it without her permission now.

    She gonna sue them all? Mom has a team of lawyers?

  6. She may have copywrited that meme (or photo or whatever) but from what I’ve read she’s never enforced the copywrite. Doesn’t that invalidate her control of the image/meme/whatever?

  7. “…like most people, I strongly disagree with his views.”
    Riiiggghhhtt. Cuz you’re so cool and smart that most people are like you. Hey lady, you just showed how foolish you are. Discounting people who don’t think like you. (Typical leftist) And thinking you’re something special because you happened to get a picture of your toddler making a fist.

    Like others have said, she had no problem for the past few years with anyone using that picture. If it were copyrighted why didn’t she file suit long ago and make sure no one can use it?

  8. This is her comment further down the thread that is full of leftist jerks:

    Laney Griner
    Jan 23
    Replying to
    The baby in the meme he posted is my son, who is now 13 and smart enough to be a Trump hating liberal.

  9. Progs have no concept of what class or dignity… or even common decency mean. Here in the metropolitan Puget Sound area they openly brag about withholding affection from their children if their children’s views differ in any way from the parent’s views. They are not worthy of even the minimum of respect.

  10. Don’t all NORMAL mothers freak out when strangers start posting their kid’s photo all over the internet?

    And the meme started what, 10 years ago? Way to protect your young son, Liberal Shithead Mom.

  11. “never give permission for use of my son’s photo to promote any agenda of this vile man or that disgusting party”

    not only am I deplorable but disgusting too!

    I didn’t know

    presidential campaigns can be so enlightening

  12. Poor kid. With such a triggered sheeple mom he has no choice but to be a pussified soiboi, living in her basement in between getting his ass kicked when he wanders into public. Sick. Sad. Pathetic.

  13. So now that kid is the poster child of “White male privileged” or “White Male privilege being used by my mother for $$$” or “don’t assume my gender or my race” or anything other than “success”.

  14. By the end of the day, 10,000 new memes will be generated and it will be a glorious triggering of snowflake leftists!

  15. Don’t recall ever seeing a TM or (C) emblem on any of the literally millions of places I have seen that picture.

    Does she have legal paperwork to back up this claim?

    Was the copyright ever renewed?

    Seems to me that at this point, this image is in the public domain, just like the burning house girl and the running toddler.

    Too many questions that this article does not address.

  16. 2 newest tweets,
    Your hair smells so fresh… Joey B
    Ever seen an Arkansas bent propeller… Billy C
    Oh, don’t worry about her, that’s Hillary,
    she likes you too…

  17. Also, she should be arguing with the company that does the work, not Steve King.. They do memes. With an S. How does she prove it made any money?
    Like someone in an above post said. Too many questions not addressed.

  18. from now on I will refrain from creating Dog Memes and focus on creating memes that mock & ridicule that little bastard and his asshole of a Mom.

  19. If I could find a white & green shirt like that, I’d take a pic of myself with clenched fist and a frown so everyone could freely use it in memes…. but since I’m 67 and have a beard, it probably wouldn’t have the same popularity! LOL!

  20. More stupidity from a self acclaimed “highly intelligent Democrat”! Doesn’t she know, Democrats prefer to kill their children at birth not protect them.

  21. Fine. Do the meme as an embodiment of Leftist values.

    Photoshop him in drag.

    Just got my ding dong chopped off. Yasss!

    MFW I get my first hormone therapy.

    Little sister got aborted so more Christmas for me.

    Mother’s a fucking whack job.

    Remember the Righthaven Las Vegas Journal Review lawsuits where the paper hired a scumbag copyright/patent trolling lawyer to start suing every blogger who quoted their stories without getting expressed written permission? That’s this.

    Their articles included share on facebook links or email to a friend and the judge evenually tossed Righthaven into bankruptcy.

    This is what she’s doing and would likely lose for non-enforcement all these years.

    She thinks she’s Jackson Browne or Bruce Springsteen suing every time a Republican plays Running On Empty or Born in the USA at a rally.

  22. He looks like a tough kid. Hopefully, he won’t let his nut case, leftard progressive mother inhibit or damage his God given tendency to be masculine.

  23. Always thought that was an ugly kid anyway. Conservatives can easily get a cuter kid doing the same thing and rub her nose in it!

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