Mother Tries To Prove To Kids That God is Real… and Magical

I saw this on Knuckledraggin’

A mother tried to prove to her kids that God was real by crossing a busy intersection in her car with her eyes closed. God was going to protect them.


The kids should have been suspicious when God did not protect the mother when she closed her eyes and picked out her hair dye.

15 Comments on Mother Tries To Prove To Kids That God is Real… and Magical

  1. She was either doing it wrong or God wants someone else to raise the kids. Me thinks it was a combination of the two.

  2. I’m trying to fallow the rules so I’m not posted it but Democrat candidate for sheriff telling people. Killing people to take their guns.

  3. well … she did get across the intersection unscathed … it was the landing after getting across where God said, “Ok, you’re on your own now”

    … who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

  4. Her faith wasn’t strong enough to get her last the electrical standard. Maybe she could have included to guide her on a straight path until she was clear of the cross road.

  5. Why didn’t her husband stop her from endangering their kids, and—
    Oh. Saw the photo.
    Never mind.

  6. Anyone with a passing exposure to the OT would not think God is here to save them. Even the NT makes that point.

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