Mothers in shock as daughters come home from college with mustaches, breasts removed

‘She went from hating white males to now wanting to become one’

College Fix: For years, college officials have told students gender is a choice. They’ve pressured all students to announce their preferred pronouns on name tags and in emails as gender fluidity is normalized. They’ve celebrated students who choose to transition as brave warriors. They’ve provided the medical tools necessary for students to “transition.”

In fact, a recent column in The Wall Street Journal reports that “health plans at 86 colleges—including those of nearly every Ivy League school—cover not only cross-sex hormones but surgery as well.”

The piece featured the phenomenon of “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” described as overwhelmingly afflicting girls who then receive the full support of the medical community.

Many of these cases can be traced to colleges that are just as affirming.

“I am writing to you on behalf of parents who have lost their kids at college to the transgender craze,” one mother, Katherine Cave, recently told The College Fix.

“Many liberal colleges have significant percentages of students suddenly identifying as transgender. And as you may know, all it takes is a simple visit to an informed consent clinic where girls get testosterone injections to help them look like males.”

Cave is among a support-group of mothers who have found each other through the website 4thWaveNow, a left-of-center online community concerned about rapid-onset gender dysphoria and related issues.

Among the issues it covers, 4thWaveNow chronicles the same trend The Wall Street Journal recently reported on as well: “When Your Daughter Defies Biology.”

It led with an anecdote: “The young woman went off to college—which began, as it often does these days, with an invitation to state her name, sexual orientation and ‘pronouns.’ When her anxiety flared during her first semester, she and several of her friends decided their angst had a fashionable cause: ‘gender dysphoria.’ Within a year, the lawyer’s daughter had begun a course of testosterone. Her real drug—the one that hooked her—was the promise of a new identity. A shaved head, boys’ clothes and a new name formed the baptismal waters of a female-to-male rebirth.”

Rapid-onset gender dysphoria, which has been described as a “contagion,” has caught up with more and more mothers who are shocked when their formerly feminine daughters suddenly come from home college with mustaches, acne, different demeanors — even their breasts removed.

Cave said these examples are all too common. She reached out to other moms who have found support, advice and information on 4thWaveNow, and asked them to share their experiences with The College Fix.

In emails to The College Fix, several moms described their ordeals. They asked that their full names and the colleges be concealed to protect their daughters’ (sons?) identities.

Pam’s story

Our daughter went off to the college of her dreams. She seemed to do well her first year away. During her second year at college, she experienced a mental health breakdown. We received sketchy details of her struggles from her and a couple of her friends. There was no outreach from her college—due to privacy concerns.  MORE

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  1. Re Pam’s story: If your daughter came home from college with a mustache, would you allow her to return?

    Geesh, my parents were disapproving when I brought home loads of dirty laundry.

  2. Anybody who chops off a ladies {healthy]
    lady parts will be cast to the bottomless
    pit, if they don’t repent.God made ladies and you don’t mess
    with his work! Dam insane people out there
    I tell Ya.

  3. …because everyone KNOWS that as soon as you reach age 18, you’re TOTALLY prepared to make permanent, life-altering, body-mutilating changes that there’s NO chance you’re going to regret later, seeing as how you have a FULLY mature mind at this point…/s

  4. …Remember when doctors took an oath to “First, do no harm”?

    …guess we threw THAT one right out the window, unless you consider mutilating and removing healthy tissue because an insane or brainwashed person wanted it done to support their obvious delusions, to not be doing harm…

  5. The infiltration of the highest levels of government by idiots has been underway for ages. In the past, most of these imbeciles were benign saps whose true value was in the entertainment they provided. Now, a different breed of dangerous idiot is on the rise and this species is one to be wary of. The stupid shit you see on campus today is coming to a statehouse near you and will soon migrate to DC in sufficient numbers to cause our demise.

    Preserved food, ammo, medical supplies and drinkable alcohol will be the currency of the future. Stock up.

  6. @supernightshade
    JANUARY 12, 2019 AT 10:12 AM
    “…because everyone KNOWS that as soon as you reach age 18, you’re TOTALLY prepared to make permanent, life-altering, body-mutilating changes that there’s NO chance you’re going to regret later, seeing as how you have a FULLY mature mind at this point…/s”

    Well, yeah…that’s why we let them VOTE! /s

  7. Remember the good old days when the “Freshman Fifteen” was the only thing your daughter had to worry about her first year away at college? Now you have to be overly paranoid that she doesn’t come home with Neil Young sideburns and sawed off bazooms during Thanksgiving Weekend.

  8. “Well, yeah…that’s why we let them VOTE! /s”

    Vote, HELL, @Tony R! Look at what the Dems put into the House this year! They’re practically RUNNING the joint, and doing just about as good as you’d EXPECT children to do with running Governments…

  9. …Lawyer’s daughter, huh? Wonder how much feminist stuff and transgender propaganda she heard from the ‘rents BEFORE making the Final Cut…

    …just remember, lefties, it STOPS being funny when it STARTS being YOU…

  10. …note to all incoming Freshman girls…I know it might be difficult to tell from the infestation of soy boys and beta males on the modern college campus, but SOMEWHERE out there you WILL find a man who will appreciate your breasts where they ARE, and for WHAT they are, and it’s gonna be a happy time for BOTH of you when you DO…

  11. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did and she came home from college looking like a dude, I would tell her to put on some lipstick and kiss her tuition checks goodbye. She would also find all of her things packed and ready to go to wherever she would be staying because it wouldn’t be my home.

  12. Well, she/he can just switch back, with all expenses paid by the college. And then switch again, and again… because gender is a choice. Right?

  13. It started going downhill when the psychology profession decided homosexuality was not a defect but normal. Then society was just supposed to accept what ever repugnant action homosexuals did. Next, they came for your children. They were allowed to adopt and raise children. Next they started cross dressing their children. There is as sick movement afoot to destroy every moral foundation of this country. Masculine men are evil. Families are what ever we say they are. White society is privileged and passe. They’ve convinced humans to go against their genetic programming and kill their children. Evil is gaining traction in this world.

  14. There is another story out this morning about a 10 year old boy “drag queen” in a nude photoshoot with another RuPaul Drag Race contestant.

    This is a different one than the one dressed up as Gwen Stefani at a drag strip club at 3am with men showering him with ones and who was drugged on that video with the murderer.

    They are who you always knew they were.

  15. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”
    Similarly, if you don’t teach your children what they need to know, someone else will gladly teach them whatever they wish.

    “And if you f-.k up rearing your children, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to REDEEM yourself.”***

    *** or else you’re in that 4% of humans are psychopaths category

  16. ‘She went from hating white males to now wanting to become one’

    There’s an old axiom about becoming what one hates.
    I can’t provide a single instance to the contrary.

  17. Does “transitioning” render one infertile? If so, then I label all “sterilized” persons having someone buy them a title from a kiosk that “supports gender diversity”, as “Winning!”.

  18. “*** or else you’re in that 4% of humans are psychopaths category”

    …and therefore qualified to run for any political office as a Democrat…

  19. I never even realized that when you’re a female injecting male hormones that your inner sexual organs shrivel up and become dead tissue that need removal. So the trannies that get pregnant must be on rapid time schedule. Gaah!

    And as with any fad, I wonder…Who is making all the money from this?

  20. MJA- “Who is making all the money from this?”

    pharmaceuticals and counselors. They have lifetime customers.
    and 11 year old cross dresser’s parents

  21. Being your own worst enemy…..

    As the hysteria of tattooing and other body disfigurements raged on, I advised my kids well before others were saying it, that REMOVING a tattoo was expensive and painful. I pointed out in their young lives the things they thought were cool in the past that they deemed ‘stoopid’ later. “Would you want that printed on you head??”

    Be strong, watch the freak circus go by, enjoy a cool beverage as it passes…..

  22. Thank God my 2 daughters are normal. I fear more for my 2 granddaughters and 2 unborn grandchildren to be born later this year, one in July and the other in September. My son and I are hoping for a boy named Holden and my daughter just told me yesterday that she was pregnant with their 2nd child.

  23. @geoff the aardvark January 12, 2019 at 1:35 pm

    > Thank God my 2 daughters are normal.

    And, that, is the genius of Progress™! In the current year, just “normal” is too far gone, to ever fix.

  24. “Preserved food, ammo, medical supplies and drinkable alcohol will be the currency of the future. Stock up.” – Anon
    Everybody always forgets salt, lots and lots of cheap as dirt salt and sugar/honey.
    300 pounds of salt, 100 of sugar.
    Both are highly hygroscopic, seal and save it.
    Romans didn’t call it salary for no good reason.

  25. Chromosomes do not lie.

    This is a mental disorder!

    Physicians who perform these mutilations should have their licenses shredded.

    I would kill any MD who did this to one of my daughters. Be forewarned you sick SOBs.

  26. Keep the child’s name blank but for God’s Sake name the college so that parents who do research into where their kids want to go can realize where this sort of insanity isn’t just permitted it seems to be promoted. Give them a chance to save the inevitable downstream heartache of losing a child either to insanity or suicide.

  27. wanna have a chance at protecting your offspring and downline from this assininity? Take them with you to Church. Send them to private Christian school. Pay to send your grandchildren if your kids cant afford it.


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