Mount Touchmore

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  1. Dee Monument of Da Dees:
    Dee Damn Debouched, Dishonest, Divisive, Double-Dealing, Decadent, Despicable, Degenerate, DemocRAT Demagogues!

  2. TRF, that’s quite a bit of alliteration and more than a mouthful. How about we add demonic, despotic, damn, dingleberries, destructive, din du nuffin, dark, deplorable, dreck, despondent, dirty deeds done daily, etc. etc. heck, we could even make Fibber McGee look good with all that alliteration.

  3. Clinton instead of Cosby.

    Cosby really tried to show black people as successful professionals and be a role model. I loved his show.

    It really is to bad the way he ended up. I really hoped none of it was true but it apparently it was.

  4. geoff – Duly noted. Love the Fibber McGee reference, especially with these liars!! How ’bout we call it life on the democRAT D list:
    dishonest, dalliance, dastardly, dazed, debacle, debased, debauchery, decadent, defective, defensive, deficient, defective, deflect, deflower, deformed, defraud, deplorable degenerate, degrade, deign, delete, deleterious, demonic, derelict, delinquent, demagogue, demean, demented, demerit, demolish, demonic, demoralize, denounce, depend, deplete, deplorable, depraved, depressing, deprive, derail, deride, derogatory, descent, desecrate, desert, desensitize, desperate, despicable, despondent, destructive, deteriorate, detest, detract, devalue, devastate, deviate, devoid, devour, diabolic, diatribe, dictate, dickless, dickhead, dickweed, diddle, digress, dilatory, dim, diminish, dimwitted, din du, dingleberry, dire, dirty, disappointment, disapproval, disarray, disaster, disbar, disbelieve, disclaim, disclose, discombobulate, discomfort, discommend, discompose, disconnect, disconsolate, discord, discourage, discourteous, discrepancy, discreditable, disease, dysfunctional, dildo, disgracful, disgruntled, disguise, dishonest, disillusion, disingenuous, disloyal, dismal, dismay, disorderly, disorganized, dispare, dispute, disquiet, disrepair, disrespect, disrepute, disrobe, disrupt, dissatisfactory, disseminate, dissent, disservice, dissident, distain, distasteful, distort, disturbed, disunite, dither, ditzy, divisive, dodge, doleful, DNA donater, dookie, double-dealing, double-crossing, double-faced, double talking, douche, downcast, downfall, downgrade, downhill, dredge, dreg, dreck, dribble, drooler, dumb, dumb-ass and damn duplicitous!
    (Fibber’s got nuttin on this dis!)


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