“Mourning” Joe Stands With Women’s March and With Chuck Schumer

Isn’t it amazing how we can spot rinos years in advance?

They think they were fooling people, and all it took was a guy like Donald Trump to smoke them out. There are more to come.

Basically, any a$$wipe that is supposedly on the right who is complaining about Trump’s “tone”, while the dems, as a minority party, try to get their agenda through by shutting down the government, is a potential Scarborough.

The left’s “tone” isn’t as bad as it gets? Are you kidding?

“Right-wing” Scarborough wrote a song for the Women’s March, and he wrote a tweet saying the shutdown is Trump’s fault.

tweet via The Hill

More at Downtrend

13 Comments on “Mourning” Joe Stands With Women’s March and With Chuck Schumer

  1. Joe Scarborough is the Chelsea Manning of Republicans. And I don’t just say that because he brushes his hair with a cock.

  2. Is every guy with INTERN PROBLEMS a “pro-woman” advocate and a democrat?

    Guilty conscience?


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