Move over murderers, Seattle PD have bigger fish to fry

On Monday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told city residents to report hate speech and “racist name-calling.”

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  1. She’s a black chief in charge of X-number of white cops and still all she can think of in time of crisis is racism. Thanks obama.

  2. Whilst we suspend liberty, we must also suspend law. We’ll make new rules that only effect the conservative, working class stiffs.

  3. Where’s everybody? I’ve noticed a big drop off in comments today compared to all last week. New guys bored already?

  4. I guess they fear that the majority of Seattle’s enlightened progressives are going to blame Asian Americans for Coronid 19 -formerly known as Chinese Flu and rage in the streets like AntiFa.

    It’s contradictory and makes no sense. That’s Seattle for ya.

  5. @ Anonymous APRIL 3, 2020 AT 6:52 PM

    Played out.

    I’m sixty years old and have 4, 6 & 11 year old kids and am forced to work from home now. My kids’ school was the first shut down in the State of Washington and my kids have free rein to interrupt me unless I am running power equipment. That’s just how it works here.

    I have been stuck here at home 24/7 for two weeks and the kids have been cooped up in my home & yard, or mom’s home & yard for going on the fifth week.

    The natives are restless and have gone on the warpath. What they lack in size they make up for in savage ferocity. It is all I can do to keep the two little ones from murdering each other or dismantling the house brick by brick at this point.

  6. But there AREN’T any hateful people in Seattle, right?


    It’s all just one big, utopian, Socialist melting pot of multi-culturally enlightened liberals singing Kumbayaw together.

  7. Notice my complete lack of surprise when I read that this is taking place in Seattle. 😶

    Beautiful cities on the west coast are always run by incompetent, moronic, self obsessed, power hungry FOOLS.

    It’s why I stay in the desert (For now).

  8. JDHasty, so glad the video ended when it did. If I had to hear that man-hater squeal any more, I’d have to say something very nasty.

  9. That’s some GEN-U-WINE FIVE-alarm dumbassery right there!

    Oh great…Seattle just issued an arrest warrant for me… 🙄

  10. Calling someone a racist is both a hate crime and hate speech! Get ready to lock up the vast majority of leftist white turds infesting Seattle and most of its minority denizens as that invective is the go to word in their vocabulary!

  11. Because so many whites in Seattle will lean their heads out of their car window and shout the N word at the armed thugs who loiter in downtown Seattle, amirite?
    Would love to see her response if a white male calls in and reports being called a ‘cracker’. I am from the area and I’ve had blacks insult me racially a couple times over the years, just walking near downtown. Black/Brown on white/Asian racism is about one thousand times more likely than the inverse.

  12. Placing people in power that have NEVER experienced life’s ups and downs can only result in chaos, pandemonium and fanaticism.

  13. Did I tell you guys that I’ve been reintroducing myself to Marcus Aurelius and the philosophy of Stoicism? It’s coming in very handy just now. This story is a great example of Aurelius’ maxim that “You either teach them or put up with them.” He meant, of course, that there’s nothing one can do to persuade the ignorant if they refuse to be truly enlightened and cling to their ignorance. It’s simply a waste of time and energy. Seattle, alas, my home-sweet-home, is too far gone and there’s not enough life or energy left in me to care about the place much — or at all, anymore.

  14. I share your sentiment, Abigail. It was my birthplace and once a wonderful town in which to grow up.

  15. there was a time. I spent many weeks at boeing picking up new aircraft and what not. seriously considered it as a retirement plan. It had almost everything I was looking for. that was in the nineteen seventies and eighties. yeah.
    bought a home in Colorado. Now, this place is sucking hind tit in more ways than one. we have a governor who want’s to turn this place into california. yeah…

  16. Jimmy, I’m blushing!

    I just called someone a retard on Twitter. I don’t think I have any more ‘nasty’ today! 😉

  17. When you feel up to it, Claudia call the next offending male libtard on Twitter a Twatter or a Twitter twat. They hate it.

    Brings back memories of high school when their cringing, pathetic, inadequate selves were abused by assholes like me


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