Move Over Sharpton- There Are New Shakedown Artists In Town

The NFL has agreed to pay 89 million dollars to “black causes” in exchange for… nuthin.

While the NFL pays the extortion, players can continue kneeling, protesting, or do whatever else it is they want to do. Forbes reports that the “plan also includes player-directed donations to other community-oriented groups.”

Fans are expected to shell out cash to watch millionaire players whine that blacks get a raw deal in America while they get side money to donate to other racist organizations that are for the advancement of blacks only.

Goodbye NFL. You have no idea what you have done to yourselves, do you?

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  1. How can the nfl, collectively, be so self destructive and stupid? Millions of people, who were genuine fans of the game are actively making a point of staying away. I hope they extend Goodell’s contract for life and pay him $100,000,000 a year, he is doing such a great job.

  2. There won’t be much left to donate when we find out who specifically they are donating to and then we let the advertisers know we don’t appreciate dollars being spent on the NFL if they’re throwing cash at Acorn or the black panthers, etc.

  3. And as a half black person, I agree with JS.
    I’m supposed to give a shit about black millionaires acting like children, thugs, etc. and I’m supposed to give a shit about poor welfare cheating black men acting like children and thugs? Fuck that shit.

    No worries for the middle class of whatever color though, right Goodell? The people who buy the season tickets? The people who have to pay increased tax on your buddies’ stadiums to be built and maintained? Fuck you. I hope the NFL dies like whatever was dying underneath Sheila Jackson Lee’s nose last week.

  4. MJA, have they broken ground for the new Raiders stadium there in Vegas? Are you still there? It seems to me one of the proposed sites is where the Bali Hai Golf Course is at. I hope they don’t build there.

  5. 3 years to build at the cost of 1.9 billion dollars… so far.
    No raiders til about 2019. If the NFL even lasts that long. LOL. it’s going to be across from Mandalay Bay. Raiders bought land there already. No idea if they even brought their shovels yet. I bet they’re nervous as hell though right now.

  6. Right across from Mandalay Bay? I heard that’s a helluva spot. Take away their tax exempt status, or whatever it is they have, and there will be big trouble in an already troubled league. Good!

  7. Alfred E Newman must have gotten a face change and legally changed his name to Roger Goodell. That is the only explanation I can come up with. That or Judge Roy Bean says and its all by design.

  8. So white people give to black causes and black people give to black causes?

    If you’re white and not a racist before, you probably just moved a little bit on the spectrum.

  9. The NFL is already giving to ‘black causes’ — the players themselves. Aren’t they supposed to be virtue signaling and ‘giving back to the community’?

    Let the players do that on their own dime, like the rest of us, who just want to support our own charitable causes, without the NFL or the government deciding for us.

  10. I wonder, how much has the NFL donated to veteran’s groups who help veterans.
    VFW, DAV, MOPH, Am. Legion, PVA and others.

    I have absolutely no use for the NFL, those who still attend or watch. You have just become a major part of the problem.

  11. Bet none of that hush money is going to “black communities” who shouldn’t be receiving any more welfare. The money will end up supporting Deep State interests, like the DNC and any SJW organization. This won’t change a thing. The NFL will keep losing viewers and game attendance. Doesn’t matter to the NFL, it’s now an extortion goldmine for the left. Black thug players incomes will take a hit and they can thank Kaepernick.

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