Movement Aims to Kick Chicago Out of Illinois


…there’s a growing movement to split Illinois into two states. Republican state lawmaker Brad Halbrook recently got big applause at an Effingham, Ill., rally when he talked about a bill he reintroduced in February to do just that, reports the Washington Post, which takes a look at the movement that includes grass-roots groups with names like Illinois Separation and New Illinois. Supporters say Chicago has too much influence in Illinois politics; Halbrook went on Fox & Friends Monday to make that argument and call for a “new Illinois.”

Some supporters also insist it’s not just about politics: While Chicago has a lot of economic power, “one in four jobs [in the state] is related to agriculture, so there is another economic driver,” Halbrook says, noting that the rest of Illinois could hold its own economically. The co-founder of New Illinois adds that the issue isn’t a “red, blue, Republican and Democrat thing. It’s an urban versus rural thing.”



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  1. Do the same for SanFran, NYC, Seattle, etc. it makes sense that leftists pay for their own stupidity…

  2. No.
    Give it to Indiana.
    Don’t need 2 more totalitarian/socialist Senators.

    Or disband it – cut it up into independently autonomous sections.
    Or do it like an Indian Reservation – something that exists outside the Republic. Maybe bring back the idea of the City-State without representation in the Senate?

    Or nuke it from orbit – just to be sure …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Instead of a state’s secession, how about expulsion from the Union? Reduced to territorial status with an appointed governor, no legislature and one non-voting representative in Congress.

  4. Humongous homes for irresponsible Federal Tit-Sucking Parasites that I don’t see getting any better with the type of “leaders” they are putting in place!

  5. Just put a barbed wire fence around it and make it a prison. With the out of control crime rate they have it can be justified.

  6. No federal funding or representatives seated for areas that can’t prove they have honest elections. Don’t like it? GTFO


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