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Movie: “The Deep Rig”

Patrick Byrne @PatrickByrne

SPREAD THE NEWS: “The Deep Rig” Movie Is Now Live For FREE!

Dear Team Freedom,

“The Deep Rig” movie premiered in June, and we promised to make the truth available to you, the people, for free. Here it is now.

Anyone can now go to and watch the movie for free.

I have been working for you folks as able for one year. Now I am asking a favor of you: Spread this link on every email and social media account you can. We have this architected to support a huge number of downloads: get the news everywhere before they try to snuff it out!


PS. The America Project is collecting this information. It will be secure, never shared, and used to bring us all together. We need a way to communicate with all the patriots directly without the limitations or dependence on big tech.

The America Project was founded to advance freedom and preserve the American way of life. We are building the largest Pro-Freedom network of individuals, businesses and organizations around the country and the world. We will only use this information to communicate with you and mobilize according to where you are.

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  1. EXCELLENT presentation.
    Thanks for posting.

    Private citizens doing what the DOJ and FBI refuse to do, protect the integrity of the Vote !
    Worthy of my contribution.


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