Movie theater giants say requiring New Jersey theaters to remain closed is unconstitutional

CNBC: AMCCinemark and Regal are among a group that filed a complaint Monday night arguing it is unconstitutional to keep movie theaters in New Jersey closed when similar spaces, such as places of worship, have reopened, a copy of the complaint shows.

The complaint, first reported on by The Hollywood Reporter, argues that New Jersey has allowed some public gathering spaces to reopen but has given no timeline for others, as part of remarks about the state’s stage-by-stage reopening plan. The plaintiffs are asking for an order preventing New Jersey from enforcing the rules that treat movie theaters differently from similar businesses and acknowledgment that the state’s actions deprived the movie theaters of just compensation. MORE

7 Comments on Movie theater giants say requiring New Jersey theaters to remain closed is unconstitutional

  1. Funny, I don’t recall them saying much when everyday citizen’s rights were being stomped.
    I guess it really does depend on whose Ox is gored.

  2. You’ll need more than the OK to open again, you’ll need some decent movies to show and they just don’t exist anymore.

  3. Who in the future will yell in a crowded movie theater “I have Covid-19!!!” (cough, cough) With no mask no less?? IN the MIDDLE OF THE THEATER?

    And can this, or will that, be upheld in the SCOTUS???? Any loy-yas out there???

    Oh wait, they might be stomped to death prior to any legal action…maybe this is why Broadway is not opening?

    I cannot remember the last movie or Broadway Show we went to? Oh the LOTR’s…that was it. And Witched or whatever that was. And THAT was with my mommy!

    Prior to these daze, we like to go to baseball games and well that’s screw moth balled now as well…

  4. We went to see 1917 last Friday in a multiplex (what isn’t a multiplex these days?). Each theater was limited to about 25 people. Admission was only $5.00. Quite a deal.

    As usual, the trailers were all about movies that look horrid. Nothing shouts “We really don’t want you to come here very often” Than the trailers they show these days.


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