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Mr. Ed Goes to Ukraine

BREAKING: Secretary of State John Kerry headed to Ukraine for talks

Let’s watch him fuck this up.

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  1. So…..who in the hell is he going to talk to in the Ukraine?

    I mean, President Yanni is in Russia. So is puppetmaster Putin.

  2. “Like every one else in that entire administration he could fuck up an anvil”
    With a garden hose. And if he can’t, he’ll hang himself over it with the hose and shit on it.

  3. I wonder just how much we the taxpayers have to pay to have a Farrier accompany him on these tips?

  4. Personally, I think Kerry’s a little tall to play Chamberlain, but there’s always the old “willing suspension of disbelief”. Democrat voters fall for that in droves.

  5. Now let me get this straight. This administration can’t manage Obamacare, but it is going to straighten out Mr. Putin, about who’s going to be in charge of the Ukraine!

  6. Best line I’ve heard over the past few days:

    After Obama said there would be “costs” realted to
    Russia invading Ukraine, Putin was rushed to the hospital.

    Seems he tore his diaphragm from laughing so hard!

  7. During Mr. Ed’s softball game this morning on Meet Obama’s Press, he threw down the gauntlet.
    During the game with David Gregory, Mr. Ed:

    1. Pronounced Crimea, Yanukovych, and Kiev three different ways. On Yanukovych, he added “non” in the middle of name twice.
    2. Spit out “The Obama” declaration of doing nothing when he said: Let me be clear.
    2b.According to Kerry, the US, Obama, is standing with the international community. Oh-kay, now what?
    One last thing, Mr. Ed and the black mayor of Baltimore both insinuated that it is bad for the U.S. to show strength in the world. I say black because she is DEFINITELY part of “TheCommunity” where nuts of all sexes, races, etc live. It’s better there than in the real world.

  8. I just got breaking news! We’re safe, Kerry isn’t really going to say anything, they’re just going to rub peanut butter on his gums so he moves his mouth like he’s talking.

    Thanks be to God. That was a close one!

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