Mr. Peanut Killed Off By Planters In Super Bowl Ad

The Sporting News

The fictional character and face of Planters has tragically died after giving up his life to save others. The official Twitter of the Estate of Mr. Peanut confirmed the nut’s death in a statement made Wednesday. More

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  1. Let me guess – the nuts of the left cried “racism?”
    Or “speciesism?”
    Or “nuttism?”


    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Growing up, my mother used to warn me to “Watch out for Mr. Penis.”
    One summer in Atlantic City, I punched Mr. Peanut in the nuts on the Boardwalk.
    An honest mistake.

  3. Mr. Peanuts house is close by at Sleepy Hole Golf Course. Neat place to visit around Christmas time with all the decorations.

  4. I useta had long talks with Peanuts ……. cahsews and ni … ni … ni … uhh … them large black nuts ……… and pecans to, an they always give me good adivse.

    Mr. Peanut has a young daughter and – man – she smells so good ………

    They wanted to retire the Peanutmobile and are hiring a rapping Brazil nut to replace the dapper dude.

  6. Mr Peanut is one of the idiots who worked in the real economy. The people who make things. IOW, one of lifes LOSERS.

    Winners don’t make things, they make capital gains. Thanks federal reserve!

  7. woah, what about Mrs. Peanut? Mr. Peanut died at 104. Will Mrs. Peanut get half or all of his Social Security?

    Don’t you think it’s bizarre and insensitive to broadcast the funeral on national TV? Will he be buried or roasted?

  8. Zonga

    It’s rumored that Mrs. Peanut, who now goes by “Lil PeanutX” has moved to LA to pursue a rap career. Watch for her new video on BET titled
    “Lil PeanutX goes to (s)hell Mofo’s”

  9. Don’t worry, if they have a funeral there’s no way a bunch of dems would attend and turn it into the Wellstone memorial.

  10. I can’t decide if Jerry Nadler ate Mr Peanut or if Mr Peanut committed suicide because he couldn’t take hearing any more crapola from Nadler, Schiff and Shumer.

  11. Zonga
    JANUARY 23, 2020 AT 11:01 AM
    “Will he be buried or roasted?”

    Eaten. It’s always been his destiny…

  12. There’s a meme circulating the Interwebs that pictures the Grim Reaper working an arcade claw-machine and shouting, “Come’on Jimmy Carter! Come’on Jimmy Carter! DAMN, Mr. Peanut!”

  13. The reason: Mr. Peanut is to be replaced by a new Brand Figure that does not represent the Patriarchal, misogynists’ heteronormative gender-preference and is thus perpetuating homophobic, racist and sexist tropes.
    He will be replaced most likely a Black-ish, obviously gay something that is either a bearded soy boy peanut or a boyish girl figure that was once a boy-Peanut

  14. After the fall, and the explosion of the Nut Mobile, he’s now crushed AND roasted.


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