Mr. Pinko responds to Chuck Todd – IOTW Report

Mr. Pinko responds to Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd: “Just because somebody repeats it, doesn’t mean it’s true”


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13 Comments on Mr. Pinko responds to Chuck Todd

  1. I would like to live long enough to see Hillary browbeaten the way F Chuck browbeat Trump.

    I am glad I’ve lived long enough to see an all American candidate for president not only stand up to the browbeating but send him to time out.

    Trump may not be perfect but he’s the first patriotic alpha male this country has seen in decades. Trump 2016.

  2. Chuck Todd. I saw people celebrating I did. They were America haters. I don’t give a fuck what you say. They were celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. They were in America when they were doing it. Patterson NJ, Jersey City, Journal Square, Dearnborn Michigan, Over seas. Fuck you I saw ir.

  3. I remember the media showing celebrations in other countries by muzlims AND by muzlims in the U.S. Lying CNN showed it and mentioned it.

    My hometown has a university that attracts hundreds, if not thousands, of muslims. My father told me there were muzlim celebrations there also.

    Of course the media has probably destroyed all evidence when the racist, facist, American hating muzlim in the white house took control.

  4. If you want to hear a real love fest listen to Todd when he is on with H. Hewitt. The guy is a partisan hack whose job is to build up the left and trash the right, not be objective or fair minded. I can’t hardly listen to Hewitt or Medved they are both company men hell bent on getting bush or rubio in the white house. F Chuck Todd Can bugger off the smug ass.

  5. For those who rip on Trump for a Straw Man argument – “let him who is without sin, cast the first stone”

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