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Mr. Pinko – testicles 1 2 3

Am I fired?

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  1. @Tim, I think it’s the opposite of quizzicles.

    @Mr. Pinko, it depends, where were YOU when the server-guy went postal?? Weren’t there pink fingerprints found at the scene????

    You’ve been missed!

  2. Today I will go to work to help pay for all the free stuff my gobermt
    is giving away to people from foreign lands who hate my guts.
    That’s because I’m a fooken eegit.

  3. He’s testing his new login that had to be assigned.
    But he does it publicly.
    So, yes, he’s fired.

  4. Now, if we could just figure out how to block the phucking ads for “5 sex mistakes women make” and “20 people you won’t believe actually exist” this would be a GREAT website.

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