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Mr. Pinko’s Review of Trump on SNL

This was SNL’s hyooge opportunity to expand their viewership and they blew it by giving Donald Trump weak material (either purposely or not) and sucking even more when Trump wasn’t on screen.
The funniest moment of the show – Larry David the heckler. Then SNL proved how much they suck when Larry David brought back his Bernie Sanders character and flopped.
In comparison, Hillary was fawned over. Donald was treated with a yawn. Did SNL take a dive to undermine Trump? What did it all prove?
SNL needs Trump. Trump doesn’t need SNL. Another media backfire.

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16 Comments on Mr. Pinko’s Review of Trump on SNL

  1. He did it again! He got his campaign message out for free in the oval office bit. If he keeps this up he’s going to risk the image of being downright miserly 🙂

  2. Man oh man was that unfunny. I felt the same way I do when I watch figure skating…always just moments away from somebody you’re pulling for landing on their ass.

    Does anyone know if he had any editorial control over the skit selection? Because I feel pretty confident that any regular denizen of this site could sit down with a legal pad and after a couple of hours generate material that would be several orders of magnitude funnier.

  3. Well, I just heard on the radio that last night’s ratings were the highest for SNL in three years. So maybe it wasn’t a bomb after all.

  4. thought the material was all groaners (& on purpose)….the ‘actors’ would have been better if they went & got a bunch of kids from any High School Drama class ….& the ‘drunk guy’ on the newscast segment was cringe-inducing (again, on purpose)
    lame, more lame & totally lame……but, free publicity for Trump…so in the long run, a good thing.

  5. Most of it was lame, but I did like him in the oral office getting the check from the Prez of Mexico. I thought the Ivanka part on remodeling DC was OK too.

  6. SNL is never funny, so I didn’t expect much. Not even The Donald can make untalented writers look good. But he doesn’t care. Publicity is publicity. And he got TONS of it.

  7. Best thing was NOT staying up – DVR with fast forward did wonders. Was that thing with a broom and big bow on its head supposed to be a musical performer?

  8. It used to be that you had to have talent to be on SNL. Now as everyone can plainly see, the only requirement you have to have a talent for is having oral sex with the casting directors. Males included.

  9. oh I know. She’s still attractive, mostly because of what’s on the inside. When I was an impressionable youth I’d watch her skits on SNL and hubba hubba she made a lasting impression.

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