Mr. Reagan and The Brains Behind AOC- PART TWO

10 Comments on Mr. Reagan and The Brains Behind AOC- PART TWO

  1. I’ll be the Eeyore. They’re evil and they’re pushing harder and harder for something that could bring a response they couldn’t hope to handle but which they believe won’t ever happen. So they feel safe in getting louder and more explicit about it.

    I’m still not convinced that they’ve guessed wrong because they’re millions of young fools who will vote for any of these retarded puppets no matter what evidence of fraud you showed them, just because they hate ORANGEMANBAD too.

  2. These people are just too stupid to tolerate living among. I’m not interested in any debate with them to argue their ideas because they are irredeemable. They need to be permanently deported from this country or euthanized. They are a cancer spreading within and if not dealt with will consume us.

  3. Does anybody here actually believe that this is new? Why do you think that (until they turned full commie) there was not a dimes difference between the two parties. As my brother used to state, If the democrats voted to burn down Washington, DC today, the republicans would push to do it next week. The pendulum is swinging but the Right is still centrist while the left is going so hard left that we can hope that all of those people who have been automatically pulling the “D” lever might rethink their positi…………. who the fook am I kidding!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. So you want to corrupt both side of the aisle eh? You’re too late. It has already been accomplished.

  5. And another thing. What is with all the weird hair on these corrupters. It is like a warning sign, but no one sees it.

  6. They committed serious felonies.

    Remember how obama convicted Dinesh for a campaign donation??

    WTF is AG Barr?

  7. Where is Barr? Same place as Sessions.

    Not looking like a partisan by not prosecuting lawbreakers daring him to do something. They’ll say he’s playing politics so that’s enough for him to shit his drawers and waddle away.

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