Mrs. Biden! Rescue Joe! Let him enjoy his twilight years in peace

American Thinker:

Most of us who have reached the age range that Joe Biden has have already watched our own parents age, decline, and suffer the indignities that invariably come with advancing age.  We know we too will endure certain ailments or infirmities and hope we will be able to face them with courage and grace.  Now, for reasons no one outside the Democratic Party understands, Joe Biden is being put through the ringer as a presidential candidate, an undertaking for which he clearly is not prepared, mentally or physically.

Biden has always had problems with honesty and the truth.  He plagiarized part of a speech by Neil Kinnock during his run for president in 1987–88. He lied often during the Obama/Biden campaign and about his academic career.  Google “Biden gaffes,” and you will get a long list of outright lies and countless injudicious remarks, many of them quite racist.  Those who never stop claiming they are not racists usually are exactly that.

Biden underwent two surgeries for brain aneurysms in 1988.  The surgeon who performed those procedures today feels the need to defend the health of Joe’s little gray cells even though it is quite obvious that he has lost more than a few steps.  One might wonder about that doctor’s current mental state.  Biden has a difficult time speaking clearly and frequently mixes up his words.  (Nancy Pelosi does as well.)  He often says the opposite of what he means to say.  In New Hampshire, he said of his health care plan “We’ll make sure it’s not quality.  We’ll make sure it’s only affordable.”  How’s that for a brain misfire?  There is that one the other day about valuing truth over facts!  Then he forgot in which decade it was that MLK and RFK were killed.  No wonder Obama did not want him to run; he is afraid that Biden’s continued bumbling will reflect poorly on his own legacy, however inflated that legacy is. read more

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  1. Hey, Joe’s wife, he should go home and relax until the authorities come by and lock up the whole obama administration. Joe included. Oh yeah, his son too.

  2. The Democrats need to show some their famous compassion for the old man. Let him retire already! Come on, guys! No offense, but he’s just not up to the job of President at his age (88) and physical/mental condition.

    Maybe go with that Indian lady? Elizabeth “Great Leader’ Cherokee? (I can’t remember her Indian last name (help me out here). The one that descended from Pocahontas. You know who I mean. Yeah, you can break the glass ceiling with her, I’ll wager. She’s great, you guys.

    Just say, “Joe, you don’t have to do this!” He’ll listen.

  3. Well, then, how about that great governor from Washington, Jay Inslee? He’s really smart, that one. What a great tradition he would start: worrying about climate change 24/7, implementing carbon taxes, higher income and capital gains taxes, and all those things to really get our economy going and help the poor and homless. Like all electric cars and no gasoline! Like new tents and little cube huts in all our big cities! That would be sooo great! Yeah, I could go for Jay.

    Oh, he dropped out? Damn.

  4. They want him for the very reasons he should not run. He’s impaired, and it will be relatively easy to control and overpower him. And it will only get worse.

  5. Considering then fake obama is and the fake biden turned out to be, biden’s ‘doctor’ wife is likely a fake too.

  6. all of these people are nothing more than political whores, whether it’s Nan Pelosi’s husband, who’s company made billions off of contracting to the military during the Iraq War, or ‘My Jill’ … nothing better than whores & leeches

  7. Screw him! I enjoy watching the disintegration of this criminal buffoon.
    Besides, he’s a shining example of who the democrat party is populated with. Let the public go and vote for these people with that in mind.
    I reserve my pity for those he took advantage of.

  8. Jimmy,
    He’s not 88, he just acts as if that is his age a d IQ.
    Seriously, why can’t Joe and Nasty Nancy go to nursing homes to live out their final years rather than try to destroy our country?

  9. Jimmy, Anonymous 8:06 am, Joe Biden is physically 77. I know people in their 50s who have Alzheimer’s, so there’s that.

  10. I’m with gin blossom. I want to see Biden as the D nominee, drooling on the podium in between incoherent utterances in a debate with Trump. I cannot feel any compassion for such a corrupt individual who has caused so much damage to our country. He is a perfect representative for the Democrats, an empty suit like Obama.

    It will be Trump versus the loser VP the Democrats select for Joe.

  11. Old fart needs to be publicly humiliated
    I want to see the debate where Mr. Trump makes Biden come unglued and let his foul mouth run amok on live TV

  12. She’s NOT going to talk him out of running. She knows when he dies in office (or proven to have dementia) SHE gets to be President!


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