MS-13 Brings Its Terror And Recruiting To Middle Schools

DC: The violent gang known as MS-13 has brought its terror and recruiting tactics to a middle school in Maryland, The Washington Post reported.

Members of Mara Salvatrucha, the notorious El Salvadorian street gang also known as MS-13, have infiltrated an overwhelmingly Hispanic school, William Wirt Middle School in Riverdale, Md., to sell drugs, draw pro-MS-13 graffiti, and recruit immigrants from Central America who have fled their respective countries because of the brutal gang. School teachers estimate about a dozen members are there now, The Post reported.

Fights between gang members and others are now an almost daily occurrence there and the police have been called there at least 74 times in the 2017-18 school year, according to The Post. MORE

19 Comments on MS-13 Brings Its Terror And Recruiting To Middle Schools

  1. As Nancy would say, “they only want to make the America better (for themselves). They dream too.” Gawd almighty, these savages should be unleashed in Feinstein and Pelosi’s backyards.

  2. home schooling is looking better all the time.

    what’s the teachers union doing about the ms-13 infiltration ?
    nothing !
    they need more money to look the other way.

  3. That picture needs the Sabo treatment and should start going up at bus stops. Better yet, billboards.

  4. Just like religious radicals the only thing to do is shoot the bastards. They are not recoverable or prone to convert to non violent lifestyles. MS13 members and their enablers are scum and deserve to be treated as such. Deportation is futile as they will just keep coming back. They are invaders and the sworn enemy of law enforcement and law abiding citizens. We need to get a helluva lot tougher on these SOB’s.

  5. They should be treated like rabid dogs or racoons, instantly recognizable by their gang tattoos and targeted to eliminate them from being anywhere in America. No quarter, no mercy, leave them for the buzzards and the coyotes etc. to pick their bones clean. They do not belong here, not now or ever. If this makes me cruel and heartless so be it. Is there another Devil’s Island somewhere we could exile them permanently to? Diego Garcia might work out nicely.

  6. Surround the abandoned Pontiac Michigan Silverdome stadium with razor wire and land mines, and then toss inside all nabbed MS-13 animals. Every couple of days, drop in one MRE for every 10 gangsters plus a couple of KA-BARs. Record the action, stream it out pay-per-view and it could pay for itself or even make a profit.

  7. The school should be surrounded and occupied by armed parents and grand parents. The parking lot should be covered with MS-13 corpses.

  8. Oh look, god’s little illegal immigrant children, extorting, raping and murdering, to the joy of Nancy Pelosi’s democrat party.

  9. Twitter permanently bans you for targeted harassment for criticizing MS-13.
    Under no circumstances should that gang be allowed to exist.

  10. Uncle Al,

    I had the same idea but using an abandoned salt mine. I did not have the angle of pay per-view but I’m all for it. It could also be a place that corrupt politicians are sent to.

  11. That is the exact area I was a District Manager in. That was nearly 20 years ago and it was a spooky place then.

  12. If teachers want to be a part of a union so bad, let them put together a teacher’s gang. Call it the K-12 Gang. If any members from any rival gangs set foot on their turf, they will be dealt with accordingly.

  13. dang, used to play Jr. high ball against Willy Wirt back in the day

    … fuck corporal punishment, time to start thinking Capital!


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