MS-13 Member on Interpol’s ‘100 Most Wanted List’ for Multiple Murders Found in U.S

Neon Nettle- An MS-13 gang member, who is wanted for allegedly murdering six people in El Salvador, has been found by police living illegally in the U.S.

23-year-old Erick Salvador Hernandez Bonilla is on Interpol’s “100 Most Wanted List” and is a known violent MS-13 gang member.

Hernandez Bonilla was arrested in Lady’s Island, South Carolina after a “red notice” was issued by the international law enforcement organization known as Interpol.

Authorities sought to capture the gang member for the murders of six individuals in El Salvador and terrorist threat charges.

Law enforcement was tipped off about where Bonilla was hiding out, thanks to an anonymous source, the Bluffton Police Department said. more

18 Comments on MS-13 Member on Interpol’s ‘100 Most Wanted List’ for Multiple Murders Found in U.S

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  3. Erick. Just a nice Scandinavian boy.

    There is only one thing that should be done with him and it doesn’t involve deportation, but is a permanent solution.

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  6. joe6pak

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  7. Brad, I don’t even remember for sure which supplemental I’m on. All I know is it’s not cheap, and I get “Falling Down” pissed off doing the sign up.

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