Ms. Lindsey Joins Dems In Calling For A Carbon Tax


“I’m a Republican. I believe that the greenhouse effect is real, that CO2 emissions generated by man is creating our greenhouse gas effect that traps heat, and the planet is warming,” Graham told an audience at a Yale University event hosted by former Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday.

“A price on carbon—that’s the way to go in my view,” Graham said, according to Time.


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  2. Sick of this money grabbing scam. If politicians were frigging serious about saving the planet, the following ideas should have been implemented years ago.

    1)All new housing construction must include solar panels on the rooftops.
    2)All telephone poles will house 1 solar panel to feed energy into the grid.
    3)All new road pavement laid will be blended with a light color stain/paint to reflect heat back into the atmosphere.
    4)All National forests will be preened of all dead growth and dead trees to cut down on extensive forest fires and make them easier to control and fight. Less massive forest fires, less massive amounts of carbon released and put into the atmoshphere.

    We could come up with 100’s of easy ideas that would be considered practical if their was any true validity to the global warming scam. Instead, tax tax tax. UN plan to fight global warming, tax the West to give their money to 3rd world dictators. Al Bore says give him and his people 15 Trillion to defeat global warming over the next 10 years.

    Trump says he’s pulling out of Paris Accord, the GW cultists say he is responsible for the massive hurricanes this year. Trump never told anybody to stop conserving or doing their own thing to fight GW if they feel they need to.

    Sick of this shit. Let’s start with a Carbon tax on all those people with multi-million dollar homes with 20 bedrooms, 5 pools, 15 car garages. Put a carbon tax on everybody that is flying private jets to their vacation spots. The same ones that point their fingers at us and say we are not doing enough. Start them feeling the pain first.

    How big is Lindsey’s house?

  3. I believe

    No scientific evidence.

    Anyhow, water vapor is a far greater greenhouse gas than CO2 could ever dream of. Tax the whales and snails.

    Whatever happened to bitching about holes in the ozone layer?

  4. Oh and a carbon tax on all major news print outlets – NY Times, LA Times, Washington Compost, etc. They are cutting down trees, releasing carbon into the atmoshphere, sending out their very fuel inefficient trucks polluting up the works. Stick them with a massive carbon tax and see how they like it. They want to cry about GW, then lets give them something to cry about.

  5. Look into his bank account, spending, purchases and trips. He’s been bought. I suppose that it could also be videos or affadavits from prior lovers (very likely male lovers).

  6. Forget whether or not ‘there is global warming’. A carbon tax DOES NOTHING, except to enrich a few and absolutely destroy the lives of the poor.

  7. @RightWinger: Don’t forget to cork up all the volcanoes. One mountain top blow off equals all the gasses humans have emitted since the beginning of time and all the gasses they will emit until the end of time.

    I say everyone kill the ants. Their biomass far exceeds anything on Earth. Everyone can kill ants. Plus it’s fun and only requires magnification and the sun, the only real thing responsible for our climate.

  8. Science is supposed to be about facts.Miss Liindsey didn’t bother to burden our busy minds with any.
    The words appear to be from her anal passage.

  9. This planet experienced climate change before humans appeared, and will continue to do so long after all traces of humans have disappeared.

  10. Tell you what I’ll do with your carbon tax, Lyndsie:
    I’ll shit in your hands and you can paw in that for all the carbon you want. Then you can send me my tax refund.
    IOW: F.U.!

  11. There are thousands of Left Wing groups, NGOs, foundations etc, along with Federal grants which have excellent and laudable purposes…almost none of them do anything except make the recipients well off. We do not save the Tigers, the elephants, the whatevers and the Left creates heirarchies of outrage that changes according to the Agenda du, eagles must be saved unless they are killed by solar/wind power. The bottom line is that a carbon tax will be pulling in 10s of Billion of $ every month, then week, then daily. The trading platform that must accompany the tax and fees for carbon exchange will give rise to Leftist who are worth A Trillion dollars and still the world will pump out carbon as we huddle around campfires of brush and garbage seeking warmth as our economy is ground down…Global Climate change is a money bag for the Left and if it is passed into law there must be revolution and Death before it is too late..

  12. I disagree with the sentiment of carbon-tax the rich first, that was the same argument that got us the income tax.
    If libs were serious about cutting emissions they would immediately disband all public schools. Have you ever noticed how much better traffic is when school is out?
    Far less cars and buses on the road = 5 degrees cooler in 10 years.
    See, I can science too. Closing all public schools will result in lowering average temperatures by at least 5 degrees over the next 10 years (I know because I just read it on the internet).

  13. The McCain / Specter / Romney / Graham Strategy

    Separate yourself from the herd by BASHING REPUBLICANS. The media will come to you like flies on shit. You are now in the spotlight. Every one of your policy ideas or support for ideas will be front-and-center. If you bash Republicans while doing so, the media will give you 75% policy time with 25% bashing time.
    This is how to make your voice heard in D.C.

    So basically sell-out your party to promote yourself.

    It’s too bad this never really costs any of them their seat in Congress.

  14. “I believe that the greenhouse effect is real …”

    The key word is “believe.”

    He has no Constitutional right (or Authority) to force me to pay for his “beliefs.”

    Isn’t there a First Amendment which addresses this bullshit?

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. apparently, McCain’s brain cancer is contagious. lindsie has had his head up McCain’s ass so long it was bound to happen.


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