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MS WORD Has Gone Woke

Never Yet Melted:

Microsoft has included a new function in the latest version of its Word software that acts as a checker for inclusivity and offers PC alternatives to phrases which could upset others.

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  1. MS Word? That’s like SpeedScript from 1984. Nobody has used that in decades, and decades.

  2. I’m glad someone posted this. I read it this morning and got a nice chuckle.

    You can disable this feature in “word settings” but I bet most businesses that buy the suite in mass will have the “disable” feature removed.

    Another fireable offense,”How could you write “mankind”? You must have ignored the purple line warning, insubordination.

  3. When I wrote edicts, and strong suggestions, I wrote them by hand and xeroxed copies to be distributed. I’m quite certain I’ve never used Word… although I did use SpeedScript before I was of working age.

    I’m not an old guy, I just never had a reason to use Word.

  4. I use older versions of Word and Excel quite a bit, but it never ceased to amaze me that over the many mutatations of their wartware Microsft couldn’t even be compatible with themselves!

  5. Who was it (Steve Jobs?) who once said, “They’re (Microsoft’s) software is so mediocre.” Some things never change.

  6. Type with a typewriter. Write with your hand. I know, who the fuck has a typewriter, and who writes with his hand?

    Oh well. Who cocks a pistol, a fucking SA pistol, none the less?

    I’m rather a fan of the 1911.

  7. I dropped Microsoft products almost 20 years ago. Never looked back.
    Not one of their software or hardware products I have paid for since then.
    Went completely custom hardware and open source software.

  8. Still have Word 10 on my 2006 Dell desktop.
    I don’t even know what’s new.
    It still works great. And I like no camera or mic on my computer.

  9. by a copy of Office for XP off fleabay,it was the last open license copy and works with Win7, 8, & 10, and can be updated with upgrades 2 & 3 & the 04 & 07 patches for free. no paying for that crap monthly or with PC controls!!!

  10. Will the letters need to be Social Distanced? Will I get canceled if I do not use a number? Will using an ampersand be considered transphobic? Now I am afraid to look at an asterisk………..

  11. Not just MS Word: any gun or outdoors-related email ALWAYS gets dumped in junkmail.
    It’s the one consistent thing about the entire suite.

  12. i………. ow I am afraid to look at an asterisk…

    It’s OK to look, just don’t compliment it out loud by saying: “Nice asterisk”

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