MSM Suddenly Obsessed With Presidential Personal Behavior

It’s strange, really, how for so many years Bill (“Slick Willy”) harassed, assaulted and otherwise committed infidelity at every opportunity and the press told us all how it was none of our business. Now the media has started dripping out old stories of past flings of the current president and telling us how scandalized we should all be. Too late, you’ve already desensitized us all, MSM. More

17 Comments on MSM Suddenly Obsessed With Presidential Personal Behavior

  1. They are in serious trouble, what else can they do? Confess and go to jail isn’t an option for the party of liars.

  2. I don’t care. Political leaders (including quite a few Popes if you want to use the President vs. Pope comparison) have been womanizers for centuries, and none of this surprises me at all.

    Leftists don’t get into trouble for having affairs; they get in trouble because of sexual assault and harassment. And even then, leftists get into trouble because they preach leftist dogma and then are called out for violating that dogma. To a leftist, sexual assault is currently forbidden, but at some point in the future leftist thought may change and sexual assault could be o.k. So long as the end result is a controlling central government, leftist policy continually changes in order to reach that end.

    Do I personally approve of Trump having an affair? Under my moral code, no. But being attracted to beautiful women has always been a part of Trump, his behavior in this regard is not unusual, and it was as unimportant to me during Trump’s Presidential campaign as it is now.

  3. Stop buying left wing newspapers, even the local rag. Stop buying leftist mags including the entertainment variety. Cut the cable cord. Hit ’em in the pocketbook.

  4. Trump needs to hang out with unrepentant domestic terrorists,
    preachers who hate America, and cult-leaders of radical, anti-semitic
    hate groups.

    The media will cover for you all day. Ain’t that right, Barack?

  5. Is the progressive media saying promiscuous behavior, one night stands, hooking up, abortion, drugs, teaching 4th graders about oral sex, 5th graders about the joy of anal, 1st graders how to put a condom on a banana is wrong?

    Wait, what?!

  6. That’s what happens when you start running thin on fake news subjects. Like the Mueller ‘Investigation’, if at first you can’t find real evidence, start inventing it and going back in history, to the victim’s childhood.

  7. As long as your name is Joe Biden, you can grope, fondle, tweak, nuzzle, and grind your pelvis into the children of incoming politicians during the family photo-shoot.

  8. Maybe we should suddenly become obsessed with LSM presstitutes personalities? Publicize ’em all. Especially the salacious parts.

  9. Trump just drops the occasional breadcrumb, and off they go, chasing it down like pigeons. Meanwhile, Trump gets in a golf game completely unnoticed. I love it.


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