MSNBC Admits New Strzok Texts Are Damaging

Daily Caller: An MSNBC panel admitted that new anti-Trump texts from FBI agent Peter Strzok that are set to be released in Thursday’s inspector general report are damaging to the FBI.

The IG is set to release a report about the FBI’s conduct during their investigation into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s emails. The IG reportedly concludes that Comey did not follow FBI protocol during the investigation but that his missteps were not motivated by political bias.

However, the report will also reveal previously un-released texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, FBI colleagues and lovers. In one text, Page asks Strzok, “(Trump’s) not ever going to become president, right?” and Strzok responds, “No…we’ll stop it.”

“That is the first indication of a real political motivation,” MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said on Thursday afternoon. “Julia, first to you, how damaging is that?”

Julia Ainsley, an NBC News national security and justice reporter, called the text a “gift” to Trump and explained that it shows Strzok and Page may have been trying to bring their political bias into their investigations.

“We know it’s okay for federal law enforcement agents to have political opinions as long as they aren’t influenced by them in doing their work,” Ainsley said. “But this text, and we understand there are more texts that will come out. We have confirmed that. Between these two. They will be in this report. They’ve not been shared with Congress before. These texts could be the most damaging because, as you said, Andrea, they show that influence in the investigations.”  WATCH

5 Comments on MSNBC Admits New Strzok Texts Are Damaging

  1. It is clear from the texts that Strozck was not influenced by his politics.

    He was driven by it.

  2. MSNBC will have to have their staff gag writers mull this over a bit before getting a smooth work around of the actual damaging truth.

  3. This is what’s called a smoking gun. If this isn’t a smoking gun, then nothing is a smoking gun. From Strzok and Page to Mueller’s legal team, it is a coordinated criminal conspiracy.

    Three milestones for solving a crime:

    Means, motive and opportunity.

    They worked for the FBI, they hated Trump and they put a plan in motion to lay these process crime traps. It is a criminal conspiracy to effect a bloodless coup of the United States government and overturn a duly elected President as well as ruining the lives of anyone on his side.

    The last thing they see should be their own blood splatter on the steps of the Supreme Court quickly followed by the bullet. The penalty for what they’ve done should be no less.


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