MSNBC Contributor Says ‘Racist, Liberal Whites’ And ‘Misfit Black Girls’ Support Bernie Sanders

Daily Caller: MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson walked into a buzzsaw Friday after referring to black women who support Bernie Sanders to be “misfit black girls,” and many of his white backers to be racist.

Johnson, who appears frequently on MSNBC to analyze the state of the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, made the comments in an interview on Sirius XM.

Johnson was widely condemned over the remarks, including on his own network. more

15 Comments on MSNBC Contributor Says ‘Racist, Liberal Whites’ And ‘Misfit Black Girls’ Support Bernie Sanders

  1. I imagine his statements are going to be received by the average Black on the street much better than by the average (Leftist) white.

  2. Gee Wally, ya can’t hardly swing a dead cat without hitting a phobia or an “ism” in this Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Politically-Correct crowd can ya!

    No kiddin Beave… if democRATs didn’t have phobias and isms to divide people with, they wouldn’t have anything at all!

  3. This is how you deal with this shit. Just stay your ground and NEVER concede good intentions to the progressive movement. Once you do that they live by the motto that if given a square inch they will take over a hundred miles of territory you will have to fight to get back.

    Never surrender one square inch to the bastards. NEVER.

  4. ‘Racist, Liberal Whites’

    …he’s not wrong with THAT statement.

    ALL liberal Whites ARE racist.

    …What else would you call it when they believe that people, because of nothing but their skin color;
    * Cannot earn an education on an even footing with White people,
    * Get a job unless Government tilts the table in their favor,
    * Can’t support themselves even then so they need a lot of special, programs to give them money and homes and phones,
    * Can’t be expected to keep a father in the home,
    * Are too stupid to get a FREE photo ID,
    * Are too lazy to be expected to vote on one particular day,
    * Are too clueless to be expected to vote in the right place,
    * and can’t even be held to the same behavioral standards as White people,

    OTHER than racist?

    …EVERYTHING liberals claim to “do” for Black people is just saying that “Black people are not as good as White people, so White people will have to have high-paying Government jobs so we can force everyone to prefer you in every way despite your obvious mental and emotional shortcomings that you will never be able to overcome. Meanwhile, you can have sports all to yourselves, and even protest the racism of Black people being millionaires based on their ball handling skills, we’ll be happy to use…I mean, HELP you do that, since you’ll even screw THAT up on your own…”.

    …a friend of mine grew up in the worst sorts of projects we have here in town. It was the kind of place that you see today’s shootings, usually several, on the evening news. The kind of place White people only go for drugs. The kind of place the Government created as girlfriend farms for drug dealers, with their multiple kids by multiple daddys as lookouts and runners for the drug dealers.

    The kind of concentrated, enforced poverty that only Liberalism produced.

    He was fortunate in that his mother maintained her Christianity despite the loss of her husband, to which all of his siblings were related, and didn’t let HIM fall into the gang and drug traps. He and his brothers WORKED their way out. Both his brothers went into the military, one of which was SF, and his sister didn’t drop babies but instead got a job with Procter and moved out.

    He himself broke his hand playing basketball, “Or you would have been wearing Air Me sneakers by now”, he used to say, but he worked with the broken hand at mechanical jobs, moved out, acquired a wife, had a child, divorced her BUT paid for the child AND the house, got another wife, and stayed married to THAT one for the last 30 years…AND STILL IS. I only know the last 25 years of it when we started working together, but he was old-school all the way, didn’t shirk, pulled his weight, didn’t ask the Company for ANYTHING, and would even tell the young Black men in the Company to pull their pants up and stop disrespecting their race, which is something the Company itself was DEATHLY afraid of doing even though it was against regulations.

    He picked up another house along the way too, keeping one in an older neighborhood as rental property, which he took care of himself. He also put all his daughters through college, and left for a week every time a term ended to drive one of them all the way from Wisconsin to Ohio and back again BY HIMSELF.

    He stopped working only after he had his heart attack.

    At work.

    …he didn’t like to talk about many things that happened when he was younger, but he would tell me about things like, when he’d be leaving the house to go to work however early it was, there was ALWAYS some guy on the next stoop waving a bottle around and saying things like “You work hard today, I need you to earn me another bottle!”. He had to illegally carry for many years because the neighborhood was that bad, and told me he learned not to stop TOO close to the car in FRONT of you at stoplights in Chicago the HARD way because there’s no escape room when they come to rob you.

    In the quarter century I knew him, he never asked for anything but work.

    And he did a LOT of it.

    And…by the way…he’s voting TRUMP this year.

    …He wasn’t a little guy, and I’m sure that helped him survive and protect his family, but he was an Everyman, not a superhuman, and what he did, OTHERS could do, if only they had some morals, some standards, and a willingness in their own heart to do it the right way and regard handouts as failures.

    …if you’re here to tell me Black people can’t be moral, behave themselves, or work for a living, you’re 25 years too late. I’ve seen him do it, and I’ve seen others do it. He’s just the one I saw do it personally for all that time, so I know whereof I speak. (I may be windy, but I do like to be sure of what I’m windy ABOUT. I can be boring, but I won’t be lying…)

    And it’s not Republicans saying they CAN’T.

    It’s only liberal Democrats…

  5. Looks like Jason Johnson’s job is to round up the all the walk & runaways he can and bring em back to the plantation to serve their Democrat masters!

  6. Well numbskull you need those racist white and misfit black libtards to vote for whoever you pick at your brokered convention so you might think twice about alienating them. That party has so many issues they have no idea how bad Nov will be.

  7. Everything, and I mean everything, coming out of the liberal’s collective mouths is like a train wreck. You want to look away but you just can’t.

  8. … butcha doesn’t has to call me “Johnson!”
    Yo! Whaddup J?

    BS and his sick ideology aren’t so much “racist” as “anti-human-ist” and God-less.
    Socialism despises life, itself – regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin – similarly to izlam.

    If God represents all that is good, then socialism and izlam must embrace all that is evil; their ideologies reject decency – reject humanity – reject God.

    All that is left to them is a snarling litany of lies, hate, destruction, destitution, privation, disease, pestilence, famine, and death – mankind stomped into the fetid mud by an iron-shod boot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Rhemes
    FEBRUARY 22, 2020 AT 11:06 AM
    “Mr Ardvark,
    The Fear of Phobias Is Phobophobia.”

    …I was afraid of that…

  10. @Bad_Brad February 22, 2020 at 10:28 am

    > He needs to add “College Educated” to his description

    To call itself a “college”, an institution must be “accredited”.

    Nobody has been “college” “educated”… since before The Notorious RBG was… um… revealed.

    Many, many… oh, so… many… “college” “en-titled”.

    But, those are not even the same category.

  11. ANYONE who votes for “Burn Baby Burn” Bernie is a problem because they are willingly to support a socialist tyrant.


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