MSNBC Does Their Own “Roseanne” Show

Roseanne Barr’s nearly instantaneous fall over an offensive tweet could not have been better times for MSNBC. They had scheduled a “town hall event” titled “Everyday Racism” that originally was to address recent high profile racial incidences (like the arrest of two loiterers at Star Bucks). The program was turned into a morality play featuring the aggrieved Valarie Jarrett and notorious race baiters, Joy Reed, Al Sharpton and some expert on white privilege and unconscious bias, Tim Wise.

Tucker Carlson opened his show last night congratulating the network and the left on their apparent all out commitment to fight racism. Watch 

4 Comments on MSNBC Does Their Own “Roseanne” Show

  1. Hey Al–Chuckles Schumer wants his nose back. He’ll let you borrow the squirting flower when you return it.

  2. So sick of bleeding-heart, virtual-signaling whites like Tim Wise kissing a**es to gain points, just as I am with hypocritical incoherent, illiterate idiots like Sharpton posing as a moral authority. On the other hand, I’m grateful for them, for they are the best spokesmen for our side.

  3. Can anyone explain to me why there’s still a Cosby tv show still re-running on TruTV???

  4. By the way, lest I be misunderstood (and I don’t think I have), I meant “recruiters,” not “spokesmen.” Thanks!


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