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MSNBC Eviscerates Hillary’s Lawlessness & Obama’s Corruption

Wow! One of the few times I could watch MSNBC without gagging.

From TheLid: Things must be bad if the folks at MSNBC are willing to tear into Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration the way they did on Wednesday. In a powerful segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took turns ripping Clinton, Obama, FBI Director James Comey, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to shreds. Clinton was called a “liar,” Obama was called a meddler, Comey was called a “coward,” and it was implied that Lynch may be corrupt! It was an awesome display of righteous indignation and one that seems to be mysteriously lacking among other mainstream media news outlets.

Nicole Sullivan may have had the best line of the segment when she argued that if the bar had been set any lower it would have been underground!


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  1. I am glad they at the very least did that as I know many people that get all their news from them. However, I’m sure that they would all still cast their vote for Killary.

  2. I watched it. They have been very critical of Clinton lately. However, they really show their true colors when they turn on Trump. Almost all of the guests on this show are very liberal and excoriate Trump at every opportunity. I can just see Mika and Joe telling their audience in October that they are reluctantly voting for Clinton, because Trump is simply unacceptable to their moderate political natures.

  3. MSNBC’s attempt at nonpartisanship, honesty, fair and balanced news report.
    It won’t last long, it’s against their ideology.

  4. I am a conservative and have admitted in all my discussions about Donald Trump his crudeness, rudeness, lack of information when speaking sometimes and some of his liberal tendencies. but I will vote for him because I do not doubt his love for America and his willingness to protect and defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic. and I believe he will surround himself with good conservative advisors and a staff as POTUS who will help him make wise choices. and his lack of political experience is a big plus for me as well as his business expertise. Trump is not just the better of the two choices, he is by far the much better choice and I have great hopes for him.
    MSNBC may surprise us all and sway many to not vote for Hillary who would be devastating to us in many ways.

  5. Wonder WTH the game plan is at MSLSD. They could push the narrative that Clinton will legalize all illegal drugs, then they will never lose a progressive voter no matter what the bitch does.

    Let’s hope they are dropping the “D” this time around at the polls.

  6. Ratings is correct. We’re in the middle of the July book.

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