MSNBC Poll they’ll probably scrub

These are reader inspired polls. This one has 109,000 votes. Pretty good sampling.

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  2. Does he or she or doesn’t he or she?

    Here in Corrupticut, I mean Connecticut, we have laws that allow open carry. Why anyone would want to open carry in a State more than half full of Left Wing loonies is beyond me. I would rather keep them guessing than let them know for sure.

  3. The story told after a shooter enters a restaurant:

    “We sat by the door. I saw a man come in with a gun on his hip and he sat near the back. I got up to goto the bathroom and when I came out the shooter was yelling at people and pointing a gun. I spotted the man who walked in earlier with the gun sitting down and was able to make my way over to him, not far from the bathroom. I told him he needs to use his gun to stop this shooter from killing people by shooting him in the leg. That’s when he stood up and shot three times, twice in the chest and once in the head, killing him. It was so awful. He was a big meanie and didn’t do the reasonable thing. He better go to jail for this murder.”

  4. @Mansfield Lovell October 9, 2019 at 7:33 am

    > @romy – spam alert! Spam alert!

    If they were offering Spam, instead of Federal Reserve Dollars, I might actually click.

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