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MSNBC Tries Tainting Thanksgiving With Racism


On Saturday’s The Cross Connection, race-obsessed MSNBC host Tiffany Cross served up the kind of vitriol against white Americans that regular viewers of the show have come to expect as she allowed a frequent guest to deliver a rant against America — and white Americans, in particular — to mark the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. More

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  1. As far as I’m concerned it falls on deaf ears. My biggest concern is wondering how much longer they’re going to steal oxygen from rational people that need it.

  2. I really don’t understand why we give these sub-humans any oxygen. It is an established given that all those MSNBC hosts are stupid, have nothing even remotely astute or enlightening to offer, can not think for themselves, and validate their purpose in life on the backs of malicious fact-less attacks on conservatives. Why give nonsense peddlers any platform at all?

  3. Dang, I’ve become accustomed to browning the shit out of my turkey while I wrap myself in a small pox encrusted blanket.

  4. This guy’s occupation is “activist.” This is his job – mechanics fix cars, he spouts off nonsense. But unlike a mechanic, this fellow has no useful skills.

    There is no reason to get upset at him, because this blather is how he makes his money. Laugh at him and then ignore him; he’s reduced to peddling his crap on Saturday MSNBC, which doesn’t have many viewers in the first place. Becoming outraged just gives him exposure he doesn’t deserve.

  5. I won’t even read a report or phony news tainted with hate-America tones originating from MSNBC. I don’t understand why anyone wastes their time listening to their Hate America propaganda dribble. There are lots of other sources for the news these days.

  6. I’m really beginning to see why the original segregation came about. My God, too many black people are just horrible things, crippled by malignant narcissism, sociopathy, and low IQ, easily manipulated by propaganda outlets dedicated to destroying the US and its freedoms.

  7. All leftists have the same focus, fighting the past. It’s such a ridiculous venture. We all know history, we know what happened, most of us learned from it. But the fact is… “You can not change the past”. It is, what it is and that doesn’t mean it’s also the way the present is. All of these lib-turds live in a bubble. It’s like they are in one giant contest to out virtue signal each other.
    It makes me want to puke.

  8. OK asshole. If that is they way you see it, go back to what your ancestors did 400 years ago – murdering, raping pillaging and burning each other’s villages. You see, my ancestors brought civilized society to your ancestral savages and they just couldn’t figure it out….but were more than happy to take all the free stuff and turn your culture into the mess it is.
    P.S. – my ancestors first set foot in North America in the 1670’s.

  9. Here’s the facts Gyasi, it’s just never a good idea to be wallowing in the Neolithic when the well-armed Late Enlightenment shows up on your shores. What thing of value did the Europeans bring? How about an end to your murderous internecine wars, human sacrifice and cannibalism?

  10. Mr. Gassy looks related to Mr Juicy Smollett. Same ideology, too.

    I’m SO tired of the incessant whining, grifting and hating.

  11. “too many black people are just horrible things, crippled by malignant narcissism, sociopathy, and low IQ, easily manipulated by propaganda outlets dedicated to destroying the US and its freedoms.”

    I don’t spend a whole lot of time on it since I’ll never know for sure, but I sometimes wonder what percentage of these dumb-ass black race hustlers are real kool-aid drinking converts as opposed to those that know its all schtick.

    We see whores like Max Boot, Brett Stephens and Joe Scarborough, guys who know where truth lies, but they sell out their principles for a pay check. It’s good money, easy hours, and not much mental acuity required so I can’t fault them too much.

    I’ve listened to the top cadre of black leaders speak, Nicole Hannah Jones, Ibram X. Kendi, Ta Nehisi Coates, these are supposed to be their intellectual leaders, and none of them have a tenth of the heft or authenticity of say a Malcom X or a Thomas Sowell.

  12. Rich

    Are you addressing the guy running his mouth as black? He’s not. He’s Native American. I guess just Native because he’s no American. And mean while sex trafficking of young Native American women is off the hook on the Res. And it ain’t white people doing it.

  13. Who are these fuckwits that I should pay them any mind? Leftist blather serves no purpose other than to piss me off and so I ignore it–as well as the reporting of it (so yet another link unclicked). All I want is to be left alone and I strongly advise compliance.

  14. Brad

    No, I didn’t even watch the video. I saw the name Tiffany Cross in the header, know what type of a low level thinker she is, hence my first comment about not giving them any agency whatsoever.

    Tiffany is probably a typical true believer; lives in white neighborhood, sends her kids to private school, got a bullshit affirmative action degree at a good school, makes great money, and still touts victimization and oppression for “her people”.

  15. It wasn’t settlers. It was the Spanish Conquistadors that committed the greatest genocide in history; but they had plenty of help from diseases and from local tribes that were eager to wreak death on their neighbors. By the time it was over, 90% of the indigenous peoples of The Americas were dead.

  16. And you still have a CommieCast account, why? ComCast = NBC = MSNBC.
    Dump them tomorrow. If not sooner. There are alternatives. Starve the beast.

  17. White people’s fate has been the same, known, out in the open, since they hired foreigners to rule them. Why should they be missed? Even if you don’t believe Malthusian “math”?

  18. Wild Bill: I have heard a couple of times, twenty years apart from each other(1979 and 1999), that the Spanish speaking people and the indigenous people got along just hunky dory. It was those evil English speaking white men who caused all the problems.

  19. Rich,we listen to them to know what we have to fight next, they always tell us what they are up to, they never give up.
    And we will not also.

  20. BTW, I will be filling up the SUV to visit my parents (yes, at my age, they are both still living) and enjoying the overpriced “normal” Thanksgiving dinner.
    I do have stories from my parents about the Dust Bowl, WW2, and the Korean War. I do not always agree with them politically, but we do all love each other and can get together without cancelling.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  21. Wasn’t Thanksgiving a celebration of the Pilgrims giving up on the socialism that was causing them to starve…and embracing private property and getting needed advice/help from the Native Americans in how to grow and find food in America….????

    I’m pretty sure that our communist/socialists don’t want people to see connection of communism, socialism, and starving that was associated with the first Thanksgiving.

  22. Every tribe I have heard of had enemies. They fought over land and resources like all people. They hated each other and if they had modern means of killing would have been responsible for genocides themselves.

    It’s OK for Indians to have fought the white invaders of “their” lands but whites are racists for resisting the invasion across our southern border.

    Maybe whites have a lot to answer to but so do Indians.

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