MSNBC Wins First Ever “Foolitzer” Prize For Anti-Thanksgiving Segment

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In our continued effort to point out the ugly media bias that misleads and divides us, we have created a prize that will be occasionally handed out to outlets and journalists that promote the Democrats’ agenda, violate decent sensibilities, tell outright lies, or demonstrate an obvious hatred of America. Our first Foolitzer goes to MSNBC for a rant of the sort that has become all too common this time of the year.

During Saturday’s “The Cross Connection,” host Tiffany Cross turned the screen and the microphone over to a “Cross Connection favorite,” who launched into a tirade about settlers who brought nothing but took everything. More

7 Comments on MSNBC Wins First Ever “Foolitzer” Prize For Anti-Thanksgiving Segment

  1. Well this might be one way that some of us here to see or hear anything that MANBC or CNN broadcasts. Because I can’t see this crew watching their programing.

  2. Although I agree that the award is more than warranted, I’m wondering why this story is more egregious, more typical of the usual MSNBC drivel than all the other polluted biased fact-less polemics that air every hour of every day on that garbage network. I can not listen to one podcast or one right leaning cable show without the host playing some stupid MSNBC nonsense, all with the accompanying spittle flying and forehead vein popping histrionics.

    Maybe if after the rant a cream pie came from the side plastering them in the face, that would be entertaining, but without the pie they are just idjuts being idjuts.

  3. Indians enslaved members of other tribes before we ever came along. And after we got here, they enslaved captured settlers too…that is, the ones they didn’t kill first

  4. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann was a real eye opener. A lot of the things that get blamed on the European newcomers had been in process for years before we got here.

  5. Africans enslaved Africans and Arabs enslaved Africans centuries before the White man arrived in the New World. Genocide, especially black and brown, is committed every day at abortion chop shops and applauded by the liberal killers.


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