MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Mocks Liz Warren: ‘I Might Be Just As Native American As She Is’

Daily Caller: MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claims to a Native American ancestry on Monday, joking that he “might be just as Native American as she is.”

Warren, the Democratic Sen. from Massachusetts, released the results of a DNA test over the weekend then shows she may be somewhere between .09 and 3 percent Native American. The test showed that she has a Native American ancestor 6 to 10 generations back in her family.

“Did [Elizabeth Warren] gain anything by putting out the DNA test results?” Melvin asked. “The best I can gather, according to your paper’s reporting, she’s 1/1000th — something like that — I think I might be just as Native American as she is.”

Annie Linskey of the Boston Globe admitted the Native American ancestor is “pretty far back” in Warren’s genetic history.  Watch

11 Comments on MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Mocks Liz Warren: ‘I Might Be Just As Native American As She Is’

  1. They’re all pissed off that her attempt to own Trump is sucking all the oxygen out of the news cycle. This could have waited a few weeks couldn’t it, Liz?

  2. Lizzie Warren went to the Cherokee Nations to prove she was Native American. She met with the Nations elder who said……”with a bunch more whiskey and $250 grand, I can put a little Indian in you, but your gonna have to hold this Playboy center fold on your face “…..

  3. the reality of this is, if Liz’s ‘proof’ is the new bar, everyone is practically EVERY ‘minority’!

    next time I fill out a Gubmint questionnaire I wanna check the ‘ethnicity’ box that’s marked “All Of The Above”

    … now, give me my well-deserved, ancestor-oppressed, free shit

  4. The Hill has an article up this afternoon with the Cherokee Nation cutting Warren down with their tomahawks.

    Hill troll farm commenters hardest hit.

    0.1% Indian equals $1M USD. Pay up Trump! Dems da rules, ain’t they?

    Certainly justifies Harvard’s standard for a first “person of colour” tickertape parade. Cover your ears as several hundred administrators simultaneously break their arms patting themselves on the back.

  5. Liz the fake injun sent an email to Pres. Trump: If you don’t send me that 1 million Seminoleons, I’ll Sioux your ass.

  6. Liz sent another threatening email to Trump: Huron the hook, Trump. Don’t Chumash with me, send me those million young bucks or else.


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