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MTV Indoctrinates Young Viewers, Normalizing the Abnormal

The burning question is, “why?”


MTV unveiled the cast for the eighth season of its reality dating show Are You the One? Wednesday, exclusively featuring sexually fluid individuals.

The cable network touted the season of the long-running show as the first series in the United States to feature a cast entirely composed of individuals who are attracted to people regardless of their sexual identity.


20 Comments on MTV Indoctrinates Young Viewers, Normalizing the Abnormal

  1. Why is MTV (Meathead TV) still on the air? And who but morons and idiots would willingly watch this crap anyway? MTV has always sucked from the moment it first came onto cable TV back in the early 80’s.

  2. “Why?”

    1. Sodomy, that’s why. Homosexuals, as we all know, reproduce via sodomy, usually with children.

    2. When you don’t like to retain the knowledge of God in your mind but instead seek to repress Him in any possible way, perversions invariably result. This spreading tide of perversity makes children more amenable to sodomy.

  3. Just travelers on the road to Sodom and Gomorrah! Really an abomination to God fearing, Bible believing decent folks who remain the backbone of our country.

    the Feces smell is strong on this set and no one ever shakes hands due to infection protocols.

  4. There’s a menagerie of sodomites you don’t want to happen across if you’re out for a day at the beach with children. That hideous crew puts out the creep vibes bigly.

  5. Liberals confuse “first” with “historic.” You may technically be the first trans migrant of color to douse yourself with urine and eat a plate of fried $hit on national TV but this IS NOT an accomplishment.

  6. Nihilists, and totalitarians in general, seem to be titillated by miscegenation, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, homosexuality, … uhh, … what’s it called … jerking off on trees … basically, anything Satanic in origin.
    They understand that youth is especially susceptible to sexual allurements – most being unable (and unwilling) to control their lusts.

    Hence – MTV and Hollyweird’s obsessions with perversion.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. A word of warning.
    In the 90’s I saw parents who thought they were religious use cable TV to babysit their kids because they “were too busy”. Picking up my 12 years old daughter from a sleepover, there was their 15 year old watching a really trashy MTV
    program. Also watching was the 12 years old daughter and the 8 years old son. The mother was cooking and the dad
    upstairs and both were ignoring the poison pouring into their kids.
    YOU are the spiritual head of your family.
    No cable TV for my home, then or now.
    Netfix is gone too once it showed its spots.

  8. The swamp/left/islamic axis runs the media. Their goal is to destroy the fabric of American society, and then step in to solve the chaos in answer to people’s demands. Exactly like the Weimar republic.

  9. Btw, the street disease epidemic in LA is no accident. The left is trying to create a crisis and exploit it.

  10. “first trans migrant of color to douse yourself with urine and eat a plate of fried $hit on national TV…”

    You mean, one of the obamas?

  11. To paraphrase
    “-The cast is completely comprised of bisexual emotionally unstable morons.”

    So it’s just gonna end in murder and murder suicide???
    Alrighty then.


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