Mudd Slinging

CNN counter-terrorism analyst Phil Mudd claims that employees at the FBI are “ticked” at the release of the Nunes memo and are vowing to get back at the president, “We’re going to win.” More





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  1. I’m old; I remember when saying stuff like this got you arrested and put away.

    Patience…patience…it’s coming…!
    (Counterespionage at this level of power isn’t exactly the easiest thing to follow in public)

  2. Mudd represents a garden issue federal employee lifer w massive entitlement attitude with all-but-guaranteed jobs and funding, benefits, and pensions. These types think they are beyond congressional oversight and that they run the government. Yet another good reason to shrink the size of fed gov’t and number of employees. The bloat in the system is massive.

  3. The real FBI agents are just as embarrassed as anybody.
    They know. They have watched water carriers get promoted due to their politricks, the rank and file don’t much care for it.

  4. You think this is a game, Phil? Well, games have rules, including this one. It’s called the “rule of law”. Game, set, match. You lose.

  5. “Vowing to get back”? Are you shitting me? A vendetta against a sitting president that could disband the entire organization?

    Who is this “I” spoken of?

  6. Mudd’s sources in Washington must all be swamp creatures reacting to the sound of the stopper being pulled on the drain.

  7. The CNN Agents that took bribes from the FBI Agents and CIA Agents are also double agents working on the Russian payroll. They know they are also in legal trouble. The three letter alphabet agencies are in a tailspin.

    CNN Agents Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer are nervous after fellow Agent Don Lemon was sent a message by his sisters “accidental” drowning. They were not expecting this from their counterparts at FBI, DOJ, and CIA.

  8. Thank you for proving our point about the FBI being a political tool instead of a true law enforcement agency, Mr. Mudd.

  9. CNN Agents and the demorats are creating the “War on Russians” and putting the safety of innocent Russian-Americans in danger of violence and physical attacks. They must stop this “War on Russians” now.

  10. I shudder to imagine what would happen to the US government if Trump was taken down by the deep state. Very few recognizable pieces would remain after the revolution that would ensue. Trump ain’t skairt, neither are we.

  11. This sounds an awful lot like treason and sedition. Who the fuck is anyone in the FBI or CIA to threaten the President? Fuck you cocksucking spooks. Who the fuck made you an independent branch of government you arrogant motherfuckers?

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